Chance me for CS, will chance back for anything else

<p>Alright so my top 2 are MIT and CalTech (I don't think this will come as a surprise since I wanna major in comp sci). But can you also chance me for CMU, RPI, Brown, Princeton, and other schools with good comp sci programs I might not know about.
btw I'm only a junior so this isn't 100% complete</p>

<p>SAT - waiting to receive scores
PSAT - waiting to receive scores
GPA - about 97.6
Computer Science A - 5
Computer Science AB - 5
Euro - 5
taking Physics B, Statistics, Calc BC, and US History this year</p>

<p>EC -
Non-Academic: All-State Clarinet (this year), All-County Clarinet (7th - 11th so far), 1st Clarinet at All-County this year, 1st Clarinet in School Band, 1st Tenor Saxophone in Jazz Band, 1st Clarinet & Eb Clarinet in Wind Ensemble, Principle Clarinet in MYO (2010), Principle clarinet in GYO (2011), I intended on sending audition tapes to any school that allows</p>

<p>Academic: Siemens and Westinghouse Science Competition Semi-Finalist 2011, Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Finalist 2011, 9th Place in the nation at the American Computer Science League National Competition, Top scorer at the International Computer Science League Competition, Science Olympiads A team (2010-2011), Chess Club President; Vice President this year & Pres next year of our Computer Science Team, Math Olympiads A Team, NAQT Quizbowl Team for my school.</p>

<p>I'm also hoping to make it to Intel ISEF this year, and I think I have a good chance because of my placement in siemens, or at least I'll place at the regional/state competitions.</p>

<p>I missed the AMC last year due to illness, but I'm taking it this year. I've also realized I left stuff out after reading other people's threads.</p>

English, Spanish, Hebrew.</p>

<p>Sciences Taken:
Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
I intend to take AP Physics C and AP Chem next year</p>

<p>Community Service:
Technology Expert at Project Milo Charity (essentially I repaired/received computers intended for donation), tutoring for those who cannot afford tutors in math and science</p>

<p>Unusual Qualification:
I'm a registered and qualified 2nd level actuary. not sure if that helps at all</p>

<p>Come back whe you have SAT or ACT scores, or at least take a couple of practice tests to use as a reference point. Everything else seems to be in order though, and best of luck with AMC...!(:</p>

<p>what do you think would be the minimum SAT/ACT scores I would need? cuz I got a 2240 on a practice SAT I took</p>

<p>I think it would depend more on your math score (760+ is expected) for MIT/CalTech. You're a decent applicant, but you seem pretty typical for someone interested in computer science. If you make ISEF, that should help your chances significantly. </p>

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<p>alright thanks. I'm also applying to RSI (a research program at MIT) and they take 1 or 2 per state. it's mostly based on research qualifications, and as far as I know there isn't anyone in my grade level with siemens and JSHS. so I'm hoping for that to help me, cuz RSI is great for Intel STS and other stuff, and most people who are accepted to RSI go on to MIT</p>

<p>I'd say a 780+ M, 750+ CR, and 750+ W would be solid for these schools. Stanford has an amazing CS program by the way, so I'd look into that. UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech also have strong CS programs, so I'd do some research on all of these schools and their CS programs, ahah. If you do well as far as AMC goes, that'll help, too.</p>

<p>yeah, I noticed MIT is one of the few schools that straight up asks what you got on the AMC lol. I'll look into those schools thanks =)
for the most part until recently, I had only looked at upper east coast schools; UChicago and CalTech were the only 2 non-east coast schools i looked at</p>

<p>With Intelf ISEF and Westinghouse, as well as your solid GPA, I'd say you have a very good shot. Make sure to further expose your comp sci skills (maybe intern somewhere that develops software?), and get a 34+ on ACT or 2250 + on SAT. </p>

<p>With that, I'd say you are very competitive.</p>

<p>well I figured listing the languages I knew would be good. And I've been having issues finding a good comp sci internship, which is why I've been going for research stuff instead. but I know a lot of languages at a sufficiently high level, so I thought that would be good</p>

<p>I agree that with a 2250+ you have decent chances, but play it safe and get a 2400. :)</p>

<p>Chance me back?
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PSAT: 232
Patent Pending on new Computer Security System (was my research project). Hoping to sell to a software company (it's a very unique system, it would be implemented by the companies making the software) or to google for their cloud.
2nd Place Suffolk County Math Contest
Competing in Moody's MegaMath Contest in March (hoping to do well in that)
Finalist in JSHS 2012 (the competition hasn't happened yet but I qualified for regional).</p>

<p>You have a VERY good chance of getting in. 70/30. I was reading it and it seemed like you had very typical stats, until I got to the awards. Your stats are VERY impressive. I can't imagine why you wouldn't get in...the only thing I can think of is maybe interning or getting a job in that field.
Holy cow...</p>

<p>well I'm applying to RSI which is a research program up at MIT. but if I don't get into that I have an internship at microsoft that I'm applying to. (I'd love to intern at google, but they don't have any offices nearby =P )</p>

<p>:O I honestly do not know why you would not get in. A student CANNOT get more qualified than you!</p>

<p>lol yes they can. you should have seen my friend dianna hu and my friend quan. they graduated last year, dianna to harvard and quan to princeton. but both of them got in everywhere they applied. they had 2400 and 2350 SINGLE SAT on the first try respectively. dianna was intel STS semifinalist, Siemens semifinalist, 1st place LISEF in biology, and 1st place at International ISEF. they both also had a ton of other insane qualifications that would take me to long to list XD
that's why I'm so nervous that I'm not good enough</p>

<p>oh one more update (last one unless I go ISEF or sell to google or something):
I got my black belt in Tae Kwon do recently (though I have a feeling that isn't worth much)</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>So far you look pretty good. Have you taken any Subject Tests? I recommend Math 2 and Physics/Chemistry for the type of field you want to go into. Other than that, you've got a pretty good shot.</p>

<p>I took the SATII for math2, but I only got a 700, so I was gonna retake it. And I figured I shouldn't list a score that will change. Also I'm taking the SATII in Physics and US History at the end of the year.</p>