Chance me for CS?

Hello, I’m interested in studying CS at UCI and interested in my chances
(I’m a senior)

(RogerHub calculator)
Unweighted GPA: 3.83
Weighted GPA: 4.17
Weighted and Capped GPA: 4.17

SAT II: 800 math level 2 ; 740 Chemistry
ACT: 32 English: 31 Math: 34 Reading: 30 Science: 34 Writing: 7/12

APHumanGeography (9th) : 4

APLanguageComposition (10th): 3
APChemistry (10th): 5

APCalc BC (11th): 5
APCompSci (11th): 5
APPhysics 1 (11th): 3

Senior Courses:
AP Biology
AP Stats
AP Literature
AP Spanish
Data Structures Computer Science
Regular Gov / Econ

Extracurriculars / Volunteering:

Co-Founder / Vice President of a (video game) club
Programmed an App over the summer (on AppStore)
50+ Hours of Tutoring AfterSchool (math/science)
50+ Hours of Volunteering for Badminton Tournaments (9th - 11th)
Mu Alpha Theta Club member (9th - 12th)
STEM Club member (9th - 12th)
Boy Scouts (2011 - 2017) (First Class)

Sentinel Excellence Award for Science: Physics, 2017
Sentinel Medallion Award for Mathematics: Calculus, 2017
Honorable Mention for the 18th COMAP:HiMCM (High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling), 2016
Certificate of Congressional Recognition for the 2nd H-Mart Cup Badminton Open (Volunteering), 2016

Upper Middle Class First Generation Asian btw

You look like a competitive applicant. GPA and test scores are above the averages so good luck.

I made a mistake on my calculations for rogerhub,
Weighted gpa is 4.52 not 4.17.

UCI looks at capped weighted so it cannot be 4.52. 4.52 might be your fully weighted which UCB/UCLA will consider.