Chance me for CSM?

Current Male Senior at a Public High School in Arvada, CO
Applied With Golden Application

GPA - 4.0 UW, 4.47 W
SAT - 1430 (650 Reading, 780 Math)
Class Rank - 1/439 UW, 29/439 W

Courses - 2 AP (English Lang, Calc AB), 10 Honors (all available honors in math and science), 5 dual enrollment (Completed Prin of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics as well as Psychology all with A’s. Currently enrolled in Environmental Ethics and Contemporary World History, direct transfer credits to Mines).

Extracurriculars - Varsity Diver (3 year state finalist), Varsity Tennis (Captain junior year), NHS member, Worked as a lifeguard for 2 years (recently promoted to senior position), Paid marketing internship at HomeAdvisor, Upper Jazz Band, Volunteer for American Diabetes Association as Youth Ambassador

Recognition - Valedictorian Candidate, Second Team All-conference diver, Varsity Letter 3 years in diving and 2 in tennis, Academic Letter all years

Hope to major in Computer Science w/ Business or Econ and Business

You can get in with your math score and GPA of course. ! There is no business college at Mines.
There is a public policy degree and there is an economics degree though, look here:

So if you want an accounting degree, its missing at Mines. If you want an economics degree, you can get
that at Mines. There is no formal MBA, but there are degrees in data analytics at Mines.

Computer science is hiring new faculty at Mines. Its going to give you more engineering than the average computer science degree.

Mines does offer a masters in technology management and not a regular MBA, just so you see the differences between Mines and say Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder.
You can also get a degree in minerals and energy economics at Mines:

Thanks for the info! If I were to end up going to Mines I’d most likely be interested in their Comp Sci degree with a business emphasis (apparently they have a bunch of different concentrations for computer science as of this last year). Do you by chance know about how soon they get back with applications? My golden app was marked as “ready for review” on September 6th. Also, the one class I didn’t take was AP physics which I’m not sure if it will affect me or not. The reason was that I doubled up on physics and chemistry with a full schedule. Also our school only offers AP physics 1 so there’s basically no opportunity to earn actual college credit there.

My son just received his acceptance notification today via the applicant portal and email. His items were all marked received on 08/15 (golden application also).

I’m a mines sophomore. Working hard in high school is definitely amazing, and it looks like you’ve done just that! So kudos to you. That being said, at Mines, we don’t care as much about your list of accomplishments. The faculty and student body are much more interested in you as a person; that list is just one part of you. We emphasize grades and school, yes we do. But college is about developing you as a whole person and learning how to balance responsibilities (job, clubs, sports, school, friends, religion, research, internships).

Moral of the story: If you rely on your work ethic rather than your resume, you’ll do great.