Chance me for CSUF and SDSU Nursing

Hi guys! Im an upcoming senior and im very interested in the direct admit nursing programs that CSUF And SDSU have to offer.
I currently have a 4.26 GPA and a 1250 SAT but I do plan on retaking it. I was wondering if any one can chance my score whether id have a good shot or not!

For SDSU and CSUF direct admit Nursing, you want a 4550 Eligilbility Index to be a competitive applicant.

Is your 4.26 GPA, your CSU GPA? If so, then your then your 1250 SAT score puts you over that EI threshold but a higher score can only make you more competitive.

EI= (CSU GPA x800) + (SAT Math + EBRW).

SDSU Nursing school averages for 2017:
Average CSU GPA: 4.04
Average SAT: 1333

Yes, its my CSU GPA and ok great!! And are there also CSUF gpa/sat averages?


No SAT or GPA averages but the EI threshold last year was 4550. Also all Nursing applicants were placed on a waitlist first and then admitted from there.

This was this years Nursing info for CSUF:

**For Fall 2018 admission, the Nursing **program will waitlist all top qualified applicants. Admission will be offered to the top 20-30 students from the waitlist pool.

@Gumbymom Ah i see, do they decide who gets admitted from the waitlist by El or are there other factors?

EI is pretty much the basis for admission along with the meeting the minimum application requirements:
-Complete the required high school A-G coursework.
-Complete high school level Chemistry and Biology each with a grade of “B” or higher (if AP then “C” or higher) by end of junior year in high school (11 grade).
-The minimum eligibility index for the program is: 4500 (SAT) or 1082 (ACT)

The Entry-Level Freshman major will only accept California Residents for admission.

Meeting the requirements does not guarantee a spot since you will be ranked based on EI and they will accept from the top down.

SDSU is a slightly easier admit since they accept a larger nursing class than CSUF but both are highly competitive.

@Gumbymom ah i see and thank you! so do either schools take into account extracurricular?

No, EC’s are not considered.