Chance me for Dartmouth ED and other reach schools (+ other suggestions?) [EDIT]

ED: Dartmouth
Other reach schools: Northwestern, Swarthmore, Cornell, UPenn, Duke, Washu

US Citizen, Asian (Korean), Living abroad, Studying at an International school, Female

Intended Major
Biological sciences

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores
Our school does not rank, offers IB Diploma Curriculum (7 max per subject, 45 max total)
IB: Predicted 44/45 with higher-level Biology (7), Chemistry (7), Maths (7)
IGCSE: 6A*, 4A
GPA: 6.2/7 (I had a huge downfall in my junior year, which worries me, but I could maintain a 7 in Biology)
SAT: 1510 (Verbal 710, Maths 800) (planning to retake next week)

UK Mathematics Trust Gold & Silver / Spanish award / DofE Bronze
(Yes… my awards section does not stand out)


  • Research with a JHU researcher (produced an unpublished literature review on the field of cardiology)
  • National/regional neuroscience competition coordinator
  • Marketing leader of a project implemented by the country’s largest NGO (country in Southeast Asia)
  • Internship at a small local Ltd
  • Student government (prefect)
  • President of the chemistry club
  • Leader of the first aid club
  • Leader of the English teaching club to students from a local school
  • Choir

I cannot guess how strong, but I wrote a very genuine, unique personal statement and supplemental essays that took me over five months.

Recommendation Letters
2 Subject Teachers, 1 School Counsellor, 1 Peer, 1 JHU researcher

Cost Constraints / Budget
I am applying for Financial Aid for all schools.

I am also open to other suggestions, including match and safety schools!

As ideas, look into Carleton, Kenyon and any NESCACs that might appeal to you.

Can you describe what it is about these schools that appeals to you? They are very different.

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I decided to apply to Dartmouth ED because of their tight-knit community, traditions, D-Plan, and undergraduate-focused liberal arts education (which is why I am also applying to Swarthmore & Bowdoin).
Northwestern was previously my dream school because of its location and research opportunities
Washu- their reputation in biology program
Duke, UPenn, Cornell- Will narrow it down to one school, still deciding

I’d think about how much you like Greek life BEFORE you ED. This school is dominated by Greek life….it’s close knit in that regard…

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Tons of colleges have biology programs that are well regarded.

What is your current career goal?