Chance me for Dartmouth ED

Hello everyone just wanted to say thanks and that I come from a very competitive suburban public school.


Unweighted GPA: 3.87
Weighted GPA: 4.22
SATII: Math II-800 Physics-800
AP Classes: Physics C, Chemistry, Biology, BC Calculus, Computer Science, Macroeconomics, Psychology, Chinese


Worked in bioinformatics lab at top university: 9-10
Worked at chemical engineering firm: Summer 10
Working in biochemistry lab at same university:11-12
Creating website for a history professor at same university:11 summer-12

Founder and president of Toastmaster’s (speech) club at school: 10-12
Editor of school’s foreign policy magazine: 11-12

Varsity Badminton and co-captain: 10-12

3rd and 7th at National TEAMS competition 11-12
2 times Meritorious Award for High School Math Modeling Competition 10-11

I have very strong teacher and counselor recs, and I will be getting a rec from the history professor I am working with in my work in web design.

Why are you posting this now, a week after the ED deadline? You’ve applied ED and it’s now in the hands of the admission committee, and we’re all 5 weeks away from our decisions, more or less. Try and relax.