Chance Me for Dartmouth ED

Hey CC,
I’ve listed all of my relevant information below and I would really appreciate any feedback/chances that you all have. Thanks!


  • Type of high school: Small College Preparatory School
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity: White Male

Intended Major(s)

  • Economics

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.7
  • Weighted HS GPA: 3.9
  • Class Rank: N/A (Most likely top 10-15%)
  • SAT: 1560 (770EBRW, 790M)

Coursework (By end of senior year)

  • 8 AP Courses (4s in AP Calc AB and APUSH)
  • 8 Honors Courses


  • Headmaster’s List every single trimester of high school
  • NECTFL Award for Excellence in Chinese


  1. Founder & President - School Business Society:
  • Produced multiple activities designed to educate chapter members on various fields of business;
  • Conducted a stock simulation to simultaneously incentivize investing and cultivate interest in our chapter;
  1. Executive Leadership Board member & Editor - Business and Economics section,
  • Edited articles on a variety of business and economics related topics, and collaborated with fellow board members to make executive decisions about the future of the organization;
  • Worked with the founder of the organization and the managing editors to optimize the efficiency of the editing, fact checking, and publishing processes;
  1. Chief Investment Officer - Impact Investing Student Group
  • Managed a small group of talented young investors and curated a portfolio that effectively beat the S&P 500 Index;
  • Optimized the portfolio by adjusting the variance and the conditional value-at-risk;
  • 100% of the profits that the group generated were donated the the African Community Education group;
  1. Director - Crusade Against Hunger Initiative:
  • Coordinated formation of multiple food drives and fundraisers aimed at benefiting local food banks and homeless shelters;
  • Promoted the Crusade Against Hunger’s mission in the community through public speaking events;
  1. Academic Tutor & Student Mentor - African Community Education:
  • Helped African immigrant children strengthen their grasp on school subjects and improve their English comprehension skills;
  • Became a mentor for young immigrants as a part of the Mentoring for Empowerment and Exchange program;
  1. Captain - Varsity Crew Team:
  • Took on a team leadership role by directing practices, organizing team workouts, and recruiting potential rowers to ensure the longevity of the program;
  1. Pianist (I plan to submit a musical supplement):
  • Studied classical music for 10 years;
  • Regularly played recitals for large audiences;
  1. Member - National Honor Society
  2. Member - National Chinese Honor Society
  3. Golf Caddy

What is the placement rate for Dartmouth from your school ? Normally I’d say no but often the small private schools over perform. You have impressive ECs. Good luck.

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Our placement rate isn’t great to be completely honest. Out of curiosity though, what makes you say no?

Your GPA is pretty low for Dartmouth admissions, unless your highschool not only has grade deflation but is also known by Dartmouth to have grade deflation. High placement at Dartmouth also indicates that there are connections between your counselors and Dartmouth AOs, so applicants with relatively low GPAs may get a second look.

If your Class rank is in the top 10%, that would be a strong indication that your high school has grade deflation. That would mean that your GPA is equivalent to an unweighted 3.85-3.9 from most other high schools. That is still somewhat low for Dartmouth, but there would still be a chance.

How good are you at crew?

In general, because of this, it will be difficult for anybody here to “chance” you. On the other hand, your high school should have very good counselors, and they will be the best people to ask about whether you have a good chance for Dartmouth or any other college.

Good luck!

While you have a good gpa and an excellent SAT score, Dartmouth is a high reach for almost every student, including you. You aren’t likely to be admitted because they reject 95% of applicants not because you aren’t a good candidate. Unhooked students (meaning you aren’t a legacy, URM, child of donor or recruited athlete etc) have a very small chance of being accepted at Dartmouth. If you have a hook of some kind, your chances are much better. That being said, you should apply but have a realistic view of your chance of admission.

Based on your intended major of economics, consider the top ~20 of these schools for your greater list: Economics rankings: US Economics Departments at Liberal Arts Colleges | IDEAS/RePEc. Colby, for example, might suit you.

Gpa and rank but if you were at a strong prep school that over performs with colleges, it may be different.

If that’s your school, apply. Just make sure you have a Skidmore or Hobart or similar as backup. Like every student you need match and safeties as well.

You’ll be fine. You have great stats and you’ve contributed greatly to society. Congrats on your achievements.

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