Chance me for Dartmouth RD?

Female from NJ – Catholic School
Economics/Finance Major
1540 SAT – superscored 770 Math 770 English/Writing
35 ACT Composite – 36 Reading, 35 Writing, 35 Math, 33 Science
Subject Tests – 730 Chem, 780 Math II
3 ACT Tests taken (Junior year was first year offered at school) – 5 on Calc AB, 4 on Chem,
Five Varsity Letters – two softball, three swim. Captain of HS swim team.
150-200 Service Hours completed
Multi-year member of various clubs; two officer positions.
Peer Leader and Service Leader – multiple Presidential Service Awards
National Honors Society/ National Spanish Honors Society.
Played highly competitive travel softball until 11th grade.

Decent supplements – spent time revising and rewriting. Common App is very good and reflective of personality.

Looking at ND, Georgetown, Penn, Dartmouth, Yale, UMichigan, Washington and Lee, Boston College, Vanderbilt, UVa, Wake Forest. Chances at any of these schools would be appreciated.

With respect to college selection, these analyses can help you evaluate economics programs:

It definitely looks like you achieved a lot! Stats are spot on, as long as your grades and course rigor “match” your test scores.

Your extracurriculars seem pretty impressive. However, to be blunt, your phrasing and the activities makes me think that most of your EC’s were done to impress colleges, rather to explore and expand from your own passions. Of course, I could be totally wrong. Just giving my two cents. Happy to have a discussion explaining why if you want.

As I am sure you know, Dartmouth’s RD acceptance rate last year was 6.9%. That is very very VERY low. As long as your essays are strong and prove my speculating wrong, I think you definitely have a chance of getting in, but this selective a school is a reach for everyone. I would clump Yale, Penn, Vandy, UVA (OOS), Georgetown, and UND in the same category (rule of thumb is schools with <20% acceptance rate are a reach for EVERYONE). You definitely have a solid chance at W&L, UMich, Boston College, and Wake Forest. A highly advise you apply to 1-2 safety schools just in case (none of the schools you listed are safety schools, even for the perfect applicant).

Hope this helps! Happy to talk about this further! :slight_smile: