Chance me for DIckinson or help me find match schools!

Chance me for DIckinson!


SAT: 1380 (studying every day rn for retake SAT and take ACT)

W GPA: 98.22

School offers few APs, I have will have taken the most of any student in my school. (I think it shows taking initiative, should i tell them about that?)
European History: 4
US History: 5
US Government: 5 (self study)
Physics: 2 lol
this upcoming year I’m taking the APs: Calc BC, Envi Science, Comparative Government, English, Spanish, Studio Art
(Setting record for most APs in a year, in addition to most taken in general)



Top Artist Award from my school,
won top prize at my schools oratory contest, out of hundreds of competitors
Art Award from Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
Various Awards from my school for writing, history,
Various Debate and Model UN awards




Art: I am currently working as a commercial artist, have been in art shows, i have made multiple commissions, selling original paintings and prints of my paintings. (I would def submit portfolio with application) I am starting a website to promote my work, hope to have this finished by application time.

Debate (9, 10, 11, 12):
team captain, contributed to team winning state championships in '17, '18
competed at NCFL '18 and NSDA '18 national tournaments, various awards from state and national level.

Model UN (9, 10, 11, 12): Secretary General (captain), various competition awards and leadership awards

Music-Jazz Ensemble Saxophonist (9, 10, 11, 12)

Athletics: Cross Country ( 9 jv, 10 jv, 11 jv, 12 varsity)

Boy Scouts: Leadership roles, doing Eagle Scout project right now (ugh)

NHS ( 11, 12), Peer Ministry (11, 12)

I am an appointed official in town government on my town’s Human Rights Commision, I was the youngest member to be appointed to it. This commission works to bring people together and spread knowledge of human rights, and fight hate/abuses against people.

Volunteered in a hospital summer '17


Other info

White, Male, Family income >300k

Would I make it into Dickinson? Do you have match reccomendations?
Thanks to anyone who replies! I appreciate your response

Your SAT and GPA seem in the range. That your family would prob be full pay won’t hurt. You seem to have good chances there – nothing is for sure, though.

Other schools like Dickinson might include –

St. Lawrence U
Washington College
Hobart and William Smith

Have you gone for an interview yet? It seems like a match school for you. Are you going ED? Also, what state? I think if you go ED, you’ll get in.

I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t get in with your current stats and might even qualify for a merit scholarship. With higher test scores, your chances would be even better. Dickinson has nonbonding EA, at least it did a couple of years ago when my child applied. In your case, I think you would do fine in the RD or EA round. I would not apply ED unless you have done an in depth campus visit when classes are in session and it remains your clear first choice AND your parents are willing to pay full costs.

There are many schools with similar qualities in the region - @Dustyfeathers has named some good options.

What do you love about Dickinson? Size? Global citizenship orientation? Location? Do you strongly prefer LACs? Given your interest in visual art, music, and public speaking/debate, I would focus on places where your achievements would be valued and where you could continue to grow in those areas.

@TwinMom2023 No, but I plan to go for an interview soon. I wouldn’t really want to go ED for Dickinson, I want to have other options. I’m from MA

I dont strongly prefer LACs, but Im drawn to Dickinson because Ive had good interactions with their reps at collllege fairs, and def the global citizenship aspect.

“I would focus on places where your achievements would be valued and where you could continue to grow in those areas.”
Yes, Im definitely trying to do this.

I think you’re in. My dd had a 3.7W and 31 ACT and was accepted. An interview might help, but I think you’re fine.

Dickinson seems like a match. Apply in the EA round, they like early interest and it is not binding. My D1 got in EA, and ended up attending.

As suggested above, also consider comparably selective schools such as St. Lawrence and Denison, but, Yes, I’d say you would get into Dickinson.