Chance me for Drexel RD (PLZ)

I am an asian male who is a senior at a public school in NJ. I have a 4.0/4.0 (unweighted as school does not report weighted)

35 ACT ( 35 english, 35 math, 35 reading, 34 science)
(I am taking bio m and math 2 subject tests in October)
But I have been averaging 790 and 800 on practice tests respectively.


Varsity Tennis Captain
Science Bowl Member
Founded Debate Club at my school
Internship at a hospital in India
Founded a non-profit charity
Research at Rutgers

Thank you very much for your help and I greatly appreciate it!

Forgot to mention that I plan to apply for biomed engineering

With those stats, that would be a safety school Not sure what your concern is if the price tag is not an issue.

100% you will get in. You should also get a lot of merit money from the school.