Chance me for Duke ED, Rice, Vanderbilt, UVA, UNC

Hey, would like to see my chances for Duke ED

Demographics: Asian Male US Citizen, Pretty competitive Highschool, Middle Income Bracket, International Baccalaureate (IB)

Major: Biology

SAT I (breakdown): Did not take
ACT: 34 but 35 if superscored
SAT II: 770 Math 2
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.1 W, take IB DP.

Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): Does not rank, top 10%

Senior Year Course Load:
HLs: Biology, English Language and Literature, Economics
SLs: Chemistry, Math Analysis SL, Mandarin Ab Initio + TOK

Received all 7s for Junior year

-Public Forum Team Captain for the Forensics Team ( 3rd Place for local tournament)
-Tennis Varsity Since 10th grade. Captain
-Publication of a Research Paper through a Selective Competition
-Community Service, Taught younger kids English at a community center since 6th grade.
-Internship at the Korean Internet Newspaper Association
-Middle School Tennis Coach
-Founder and President of Python coding club. Teach kids basic code
-NHS Member, STUCO Rep


  • Research Paper Publication International Competition
    -School Merit Scholarship
    -Couple of Tennis awards
    -PSAT Commended
    -Debate awards

No hooks

Major weaknesses imo: I have no focused interest or direction/story for my application.
Weak GPA and don’t know if a 770 math II is good for duke.

@Critic787 your application will definitely come down to your essays. Your grades and scores are good, but so are everyone’s at Duke. Same thing with your course rigor. Furthermore, your activities are all decent, but nothing to write home about. Plus, there’s no real bio or pre-med narrative in your application, which can be quite important. If you have really good essays though, you definitely have a chance at Duke. Good Luck! :smiley:

You have solid stats and are a competitive candidate for Duke ED. What is your intended field of study?

In your essays, give concrete examples to demonstrate your ability and tenacity in rising up to challenges, even when outside of your comfort zone, and that you are not afraid to try different and unconventional approaches to tackle problems. These challenges do not have to be monumental, like cancer-curing or creating a new computer operation system, but you can (even) draw upon mundane events. Again, demonstrate your ability to (buzz word) think outside-of-the-box!

Perhaps your Asian-American upbringing, has enabled you to acquire observation and communication skills in addition to those in the main stream American culture, thus expanding your view of the world with a non-local perspective. But, again, demonstrate in your essays, your ability to think ‘outside of the box’ (buzz word, unconventional), and that you are not afraid of ‘messing things up’ (buzz word, rising to challenges). Good luck. Your ECs are fine; you have contributed to others through teaching and mentoring. You can do it, whether at Duke or at others.