Chance me for EA?

<p>I'm an upcoming senior. Huge upward trends, but overall low GPA until Junior year. I have a great essay topic to explain the huge upward trends. High SAT score. Should I apply Early Action or stick to regular decision? Should I even bother applying to USC? </p>

<p>I'm considering applying because I think I have relatively good EC's for a Comp Sci Major (Please check them out!) and decent standardized test scores, but I wanted to get your guys' opinions :) I'm extremely interested in Computer Science, as I've always really enjoyed it. In my essays, I will try to emphasize the reason for the sharp GPA contrast, and my genuine interest/passion for technology. </p>

<p>Background Info:
- High School: Extremely rigorous, top 50 high schools in the nation
- Indian (South Asian)
- Income: 150k </p>

<p><em>Computer Science Major</em></p>

<p>*GPA: *
I messed up really bad in high school until junior year. W = weighted, UW, = unweighted
Freshman Year: 2.83 UW/W, 2.83 UW/W
Sophmore year: 3.0 UW (3.167 W), 2.67 UW (2.83W)
Junior Year: 3.67 UW (4.167 W), 3.67 UW (4.167 W) --- 3 APs
UC Weighted GPA: 3.62 (<- Sophmore + Junior Weighted GPA)</p>

1st try (Barely any prep): 1980 (720 M, 620 CR, 640 W)
2nd try: 2240 (760 M, 710 CR, 770 W)</p>

<p>SAT II:
Math (760)
Bio (770)</p>

- 150+ hours community service</p>

<p>*DECA (Business Club): *
- 3rd in Northern California for Math Marketing
- 4th for presentation, 8th overall for Advertising Campaign in California States level competition</p>

<p>*YouTube Partner: *
- I make videos on Technology, relates to my Computer Science major
- I make revenue from my videos
- 2,800+ subscribers
- My technology guides and reviews have been watched 1.2+ MILLION times
- My channel serves as a way for me to share my passion for technology with thousands of people around the globe daily</p>

- Currently building a website for an upcoming organization that raises money for charity through gaming
- 2 years JV Badminton
- Leo Community Service Club
- Intro to Computer Science course at Community College over the summer, got an A+
- Intro to Programming in C course at Community College over the summer, got an A
- Currently developing an iPhone app! </p>

<p>Reason for Sharp GPA Contrast:</p>

<p>I have been slacking throughout high school until junior year. At the summer, end of the sophmore year, I went to India and realized I'm taking everything I have for granted. While others in India are yearning to learn but forced into crappy, mediocre schools, if any, I am slacking off, even though I am given the opportunity to attend one of the nations top 50 high schools. This revelation changed how I look at things - I was just sitting in one of the top schools in the nation of opportunity, slacking off and not applying myself. The vacation to India opened my eyes, and I realized I need to make the most of my situation. I somewhat applied myself junior year, with 3 AP courses, and got a 3.67 unweighted, 4.167 weighted GPA. Keep in mind I go to a really competitive/rigorous (80% asian) high school.</p>

<p>I'm absolutely positive I will have <em>atleast</em> a 3.67 Unweighted GPA, 4.3 Weighted. My relatively rigorous schedule next year:
- AP Calc AB
- AP Physics B
- Finite/Discrete
- AP World
- Regular English
- Gov/Econ</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting in to USC's Comp Sci program? I'm extremely passionate about technology and would love if I could further develop my knowledge by majoring in Comp Sci at great college. Should I even apply, or forget it? Help would really be appreciated, thanks!</p>

<p>USC does not do Early Action. The December deadline is if you want to be considered for merit aid.</p>

<p>I'd say you stand a fair chance - Don't have a "should I even apply?" mentality, because like the saying goes... you miss every shot you don't take.</p>

<p>Wow, fair chance? I'll take it! Haha thanks buddy!</p>