Chance me for ED at NU?


I am an international student applying to Northwestern for Economics.
I have 4.0 unweighted GPA. ( Don’t get weighted GPAs at my school)
I am doing A levels and taking physics, chemistry, economics, mathematics and english.
I have 2170 on the sat ( 680 CR, 780 M, 710 W)
I have 34 no the ACT ( 36 science, 35 math, 33 english, 32 reading)
770- SAT chem, 770- Math level 2
I have done until level 6 in the trinity drama exams and have participated in 2 plays.
I have a lot of community service.
I have done 1 online economics course and attended summer school at Columbia.
I have also done 2 internships.

I applied ED. What are my chances ?

Since this is the musical theatre forum, and since I’m not an admissions officer, I’m not sure I can add much except to say your stats seem in the ballpark (congratulations!), so one way or another I’ll bet you’ll land at a great school.

Good luck with NU, and if you end up there consider auditioning for or at least seeing some shows on campus!!