Chance me for ed ii

GPA 3.23 (my school does not weigh GPAs or have class rank), competitive public hs in a suburb of nyc, dihave taken honors classes in science, english, and history
SAT 1960, math 590 CR 670, writing 700
SAT IIs US history 750 CR 660
APs US - 5
extracurriculars- flute is my main one, i have been to competitve music camps and got all state alternate, principle flute in school band, i have a letter from my private teacher and a recording
editor literary magazine
circulation manager for school paper
varsity field hockey 4 years (im not looking to play in college)
track 2 years
tri m national music honors society </p>

<p>junior courseload- AP US, honors english, advanced physics, trig, french, AP art history
senior courseload- AP- studio art, AP-english, AP gov, pre clac, honors geology, health </p>

<p>good essay and recs
i visited and had a very good interview
i have legacy at trinity
i am applying as an art history/music major</p>

<p>You're in. Your math is really weak but Trinity loves ED'ers because it means an automatic check for 55k. The legacy just makes this more easy for them to stamp the accept ink.</p>