Chance me for ED? Medical special case...

Hi all! I am a white female senior applying to college this fall, and I am looking to be chanced for Wash U ED. I live in Illinois and go to one of the state’s most rigorous public high schools. I also have narcolepsy, which I was diagnosed with the winter of my junior year, a disorder that caused me to come home from school everyday and fall asleep until the next morning (for 2 and a half years, and still today, although slightly improved). As you can imagine, this restricted my ability to complete coursework and study for exams immensely, which reflects on my truly terrible GPA, but my GPA has dramatically increased from freshman/sophomore year to junior/senior year. So that’s just to give you a little background on me; let me know what you think my chances are! Thank you so much.

ACT (single sitting): 35 w/ 11 Writing
Unweighted GPA: 3.6
Weighted GPA: 3.9
National Forensics Society honored member, National Honor Society member

-Vice President of school’s nationally competitive debate team (member for 4 years)
-Public Relations Director for the school’s theatre department (member for 4 years, leadership role for 2)
-Political internship through our congressional district’s democratic office (10th grade)
-Political internship through a House of Reps campaign
-Graphic designing the yearbook
-Overnight camp counselor after having been a camper for nine years
-Member of both our choral program and theatre program, acting in shows

I expect my recs and essays to both be great and indicative of my personality and learning style. I did not write my essay about narcolepsy, as it doesn’t define me, but I did complete the additional information section about it thoroughly as it is a large part of what I live with everyday.

My dad also went to Wash U for business school, so I technically have a legacy as well.

Major: Double-major in Political Science and Psychology in the Pre-Law track, hoping to do law regarding domestic abuse/child abuse and possibly go into politics from there