Chance me for ED to Cornell (CALS). EA UVA, UNC Chapel Hill, UVA

Hi, I am a NY Resident and I am applying early decision to Cornell University. My brother attended and graduated from Cornell last year. I have around a 3.8 UW GPA and i have taken all honors courses and will have completed 8 APs by graduation. I do science research and i have several awards-nothing major like intel or isef though. I submitted a paper to Siemens and will continue to do my 2-year environmental study and submit to Intel STS and science competitions later this year. I started a club at my school, wrote for the literary magazine, was inducted into every honor society (except i did not apply to MHS) and have done track/cross country every year of highschool. My ACT is a 34 and i took it one time. My dream school is Cornell, i have slept there numerous times and i feel like my chances are pretty up in the air. I have a recommendation from my research teacher who has taught me for 5 years and a math teacher who loved me. I wrote my essay on ‘coming out’ as a vegan ( i thought it was kind of clever). I am a boy, and i am white, and should i somehow include that i am gay in my app?
Any Early Action Suggestions!? Thanks!

+i know the grammar in this post is atrocious and i sound ridiculous (“i have slept there numerous times”) , but erm… chance me please. Thanks.


i think if you can work in your experiences with being gay (maybe in the writing supplement ?), that would really help show who you are as a person and what you have been through. i think you’re qualified for cornell, but no one can say for sure what will happen.

the only problem is that i don’t want my parents to know i am gay… D: