Chance me for Emory ED1

Chance me for Emory?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me out and let me know what they think of my stats and if they think I have a chance getting into Emory . To preface I am almost 100% sure I will apply ED1 to Emory. I am a junior in high school from New York and I have around a 96 unweighted and 99 weighted average. By the end of senior year I will have taken 11 APs. I have only taken the ACT twice and got a 32 composite on both but a 33 superscore. I have confident I can get that to a 34, though. For extracurriculars, I am in National Honor Society, Italian Honor Society, president of the Italian club, working on a website about Italian culture, over 400 hours of volunteer work, varsity tennis for three years, varsity badminton for four years, and jv basketball for two years. I plan on majoring in Business and Italian studies / international business. I am confident in my recc letters as well. If it matters hardly anyone applies to Emory from my school. If anyone could give me insight that would be greatly appreciated!!

You probably have around 70% chance of getting in as long as you work hard on your essay and don’t procrastinate on it lol.