Chance me for engineering at Cornell U

<p>UW GPA 3.8149
W GPA 4.7593</p>

<p>My GPA may seem a bit low, but if this helps at all, I haven't had a B since freshman year. I struggled a little bit in english and history. All honors classes until junior year (I had 1 AP).</p>

<p>Senior Schedule and first quarter grades:
AP Lang and Comp. A-
AP Calculus. A+
AP Psychology. A
AP Physics. A
AP Chemistry. A
gym A.</p>

2120 my second time taking them.
790 math
700 writing
630 reading</p>

<p>SAT II's:
770 math II
730 biology
690 physics</p>

<p>Ranked 8th in my class out of ~350.</p>

Society of Women Engineers award
National Honor Society - 2 years
2 School Math awards
Presidential awards for educational excellence (whatever that means)
RIT Computing medal</p>

Cross Country - 4 years. Multiple all division and all class awards.
Indoor Track - 4 years. Multiple all division and all class awards.
Outdoor Track - 4 years. Multiple all division and all class awards.
Varsity Cross Country Team Captain
Varsity Indoor Track Team Captain
^3 sport varsity athlete for all 4 years of high school.
Contributed to School newspaper in 11th grade.
Student Government member in 9th grade.</p>

<p>Does anyone think I have a chance? Just in case this matters, I'm a white male. More info upon request. Thanks a lot everyone, I'll chance back if you want.</p>

<p>bump please</p>

<p>bump! I’ll chance back!</p>

<p>bump 10char.</p>

<p>WAIT. lol. you got a society of women engineers award as a while male? how is that possible O_O</p>

<p>Your Sat I scores seem alright, your sat II physics score however is low, particularly since you are applying to engineering. Your ECs seem very good. I think you have a chance, but it is somewhat of a reach. It really is quite hard to predict peoples chances for such prestigious universities.</p>

<p>Are you taking AP physics C?</p>

<p>Chance me back?
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<p>Your SAT I scores are good although your physics SAT II is rather low for an engineering major. You have pretty solid ECs, and your awards in particular are great! I’d say you have a decent shot at Cornell, though the Ivies are always a crapshoot.</p>

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<p>bananafreak2u, the award didn’t go to just females, it was to one male and one female</p>

<p>I’m not surprised my physics score is low, but the thing is, I barely learned anything in honors physics. I just took the SAT II’s in november and I’m currently in physics so there was a lot I haven’t learned. It doesn’t matter though because I won’t have the opportunity to explain this to admissions people. Thanks guys</p>

<p>Hi ! I’m sorry to say this, but if we just look at your overall profile, cornell will be a high reach. Do you have any unusual experience or circumstances which you can exhibit in your essay ?</p>

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<p>Do you need to submit all three SAT IIs? I think most top schools only need 2.</p>

<p>patpat, unfortunately no. to be brutally honest, I’m about as average and uninteresting as they get.</p>

<p>and quiksilver, I think you can submit two if you do score choice, but I wasn’t going to pay extra just to do that.</p>

<p>There should be at least one… :frowning:
hmm… by the way, would you mind to check my thread above ??</p>

<p>It is a very high reach with a 630CR score.</p>