Chance me for engineering please?

<p>Chance me for UC engineering?
Hi, I am one of the desperate asians out there hoping to get into engineering department. I know engineering is mostly super impacted but can you guys chance me? </p>

<p>transcript details:
AP’s - AP european history , AP language arts, AP Calculus BC, AP Biology, AP chemistry, AP US history, AP Physics, AP Statistics, AP Econ/Gov, AP environmental science.
(11AP’s total )
All honors classes besides AP’s.</p>

<p>10th and11th grade GPA: 4.5</p>

<p>Class rank: Sophomore -top 10, Junior- 13/470</p>

<p>SAT 1- 2150 <math 800,="" cr="" 630="" writing="" 720="">
SAT SUBJECT tests: SAT Math 2c (800), SAT chemistry (720) SAT biology M (710)
<planning on="" taking="" sat="" physics="" in="" november=""></planning></math></p>

<p>National Merit commended scholar(34,000/1.5million)
Many acedemic awards from my school
400hrs of community service
Founder/president of a club for 3 yrs
Did advanced mathematical research at a college with a professor for 3yrs.
(Those researches were actually published and the topic was something like “using complex system of matrix to determine and observe mutations in bacteria”)
Paid Internship at Landscape company over the summer </p>

<p>I really like mathematics and physics. I had straight A’s in all my math classes my entire life, and I got perfect scores in both SAT 1 math section and SAT Math II C subject test as well as a 5 on AP Calc BC exam. so i thought engineering would be my thing.
I’m interested in Civil or structural engineering. Again, I know its impacted but what are my chances? </p>

<p>Thanks. (oh also, im an instate student)</p>

<p>No guarantees but, those are great stats, you’ve got a great chance.</p>