Chance me for engineering ?

<p>South Asian Male.
US Citizen.
California Resident for 12 years.</p>

<p>Academic - </p>

<p>9th - 3.4 GPA
10th (india) - 84%
11th (india) - 79%
12th (india) -
Best in One sitting - 2190 (780M/710W/700CR)
Superscore - 2210 (780M/730W/700CR)
Basketball Varsity Captain. District/State Player in India.
California State Swim Team.
Leo Club Treasurer/President.
Martial Artist TaeKwonDo Black Belt 1st Degree.
House Prefect.
Tabla(Indian Drums) Artist, holding 3 Degrees and over 15 Awards

<p>UIUC does not superscore SAT tests but instead uses highest score from one sitting, your 2190. I assume when you mention "india" in grades 10 and 11, you mean you were going to school in India and your percentage grade is based on the typical India grading system. If so then your 10th and 11th percentages should essentially be equivalent to a 4.0 US. If that is the case then your chances of admission are good.</p>