Chance Me For Engineering

<p>Well, the bottom line is I was not the best student Freshman and Sophomore year. I took some challenging courses and did not perform too well. I picked up my GPA junior year, though I am afraid it is too little too late.</p>

<p>Cumulative GPA:
UW: 3.07
W: 3.4</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
GPA: UW - 2.8 --- W - 3.0
Took honors Geometry & honors Biology (got a C in both)</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
GPA: UW - 2.9 --- 3.2
Took honors Chem (B) & adv (doesn't count as honors but is still high level) PST (C)</p>

<p>Junior Year-------------------------------UW---------W
Acc. English 11 (H)----------------------88(3.3)----96(4.0)
CP US History II-------------------------93(3.8)----93(3.8)
Adv. Pre Calc (not honors but adv.) ------91(3.6)---- 91(3.6)
AP Chemistry----------------------------84(2.9)----96(4.0)<br>
Gym 2 MP------------------------------100(4.0)--- 100(4.0)<br>
Forensics-------------------------------98(4.0)---- 98(4.0)
Sales & Advertising----------------------100(4.0)--- 100(4.0)</p>

<h2>Junior Health----------------------------100(4.0)--- 100(4.0)</h2>

<p>Total Junior 91.5(3.65) 95.5(4.0)</p>

<p>Senior Year Classes:
AP Environmental, AP Lit, AP Pol & Gov, honors calculus, and honors physics.</p>

<p>SAT I:
First Attempt:
1710 (CR - 550 --- M - 640 --- W - 520)
I am taking this one or 2 more times. I have taken 3 practice tests since and am shooting for 2000+. The results of the practice tests are:
1840 (CR - 580 --- M - 690 --- W - 570)
1900 (CR - 600 --- M - 700 --- W - 600)
1950 (CR - 590 --- M - 730 --- W - 630)
I took these in 3 consecutive weeks while taking a prep course and am taking the march SAT.
I am also taking Chem and either Math I or Math II SAT II subject tests.</p>

<p>QUICK QUESTION: Does Lehigh require you to send all test scores?</p>

- I did habitat for humanity 3 years in a row. I went to NC to build houses for those less fortunate than me.
- I play 2 instruments and have performed at local restaurants. (guitar & bass)
- I will have participated in 5 model UN committes by the end of this year and maybe a few more next year before I apply. I won best novice my first time and have my second committee this Saturday.
- I participate in MADMen(Make A Difference Mentors), which is a program where I mentor another student, one on one, academically, socially and organizationally.
- I play 3 sports per year (soccer & track), though nothing significant here.
- I will be participating in the Drexel summer materials engineering camp this summer.</p>

<p>In addition I am applying for the drexel visiting scholars program where I will be able to take 2 semesters of college courses before I apply, assuming I get in, but I don't know if I will.</p>

<p>Do I have any shot at lehigh engineering?
What does the average engineering student look like?</p>