Chance me for engineering

<p>I'm a female, white, Jewish senior from New Jersey. My weighted GPA is 3.998 (yes very annoying!). My freshman GPA was a 3.8, sophomore was a 4, and junior was a 4.2. My high school is one of the most competitive schools in the state. I've consistently had mostly A's and some B's. Only C was in freshman year english</p>

<p>Standardized Tests (best scores in each section):
SAT: CR 590, M 740, W 650, essay 10 (1330, 1980)
ACT: composite 30, English 35, math 34, science 30, reading 25</p>

Freshman Year: freshman team volleyball and club volleyball, honor roll 3rd marking period
Sophomore Year: JV winter and spring track, Spectrum Club, honor roll all year
Junior Year: math club, Varsity cross country and spring track, JV winter track, National Honor Society, scholar athlete, honor roll all year, Panda club
Senior Year: Varsity xc, varsity winter and spring track, math club, National Honor Society, most likely honor roll all year and scholar athlete
And I've done different community service activities throughout high school</p>

<p>Senior Classes:
AP Calc AB
AP Physics-C
AP Stats
Printmaking & Photography
20th Century American Novels/Composition Workshop

<p>I've consistently taken 3-4 honors classes each year: science and french (9-11), math (10-11), history (9)</p>

<p>I'll definitely need financial aid based on my family's circumstances and I am not applying ED to any schools for that reason. My essays will probably be pretty good but not great. Recommendations will be very good (junior year physics teacher, sophomore history teacher/track coach, guidance counselor)</p>

<p>I am applying for Undeclared Engineering to Bucknell, Lafayette, Lehigh, RPI, TCNJ, and SUNY Binghamton. I will be applying EA to Bing, and regular decision to all the others (none of them have priority/EA) Chance me please :)</p>

<p>Wait forgot some info..
Class Rank: top 17% but I'm not reporting it
Work Experience: recreation camp counselor since the summer after sophomore year, tutor for a special needs 7th grader in math since summer after junior year, and I work at a frozen yogurt place this year during the year</p>

<p>i have a 4.020 weighted gpa and a ranked 17th in my class .. only difference is that ill have 11 ap credit / exams taken by the end of senior year</p>