Chance me for Exeter, Andover, Deerfield, and St. Paul's

<p>Hello, there, I am in eighth grade and am applying to each of the schools listed. Please chance me for each of them, thank you. Here we go.
P.E.: A-
Geometry: A
RLA 8 Honors: A
Drama: A
Science: A
U.S. History Honors: A-
Note: These are the highest classes offered by my school. (Has no language classes i.e. Spanish, French, etc.)
Soccer 1 year 2 hours a week
Theater 1 year 2 hours a week
Golf: 1 year 2 hours a week
Piano: 6 years 2 hours a week
Gymnastics: 1 year 2 hours a week
In 4th and 5th grade I received third place in my school spelling bee. I am a member of the History Club of my school where we organize fundraisers for field trips. Also, I was rewarded for Outstanding Achievement in Math in fifth grade and for Outstanding Achievement in Reading in third grade. Also, I have performed in my community church as a singer/rapper many times in the Youth Ministry and we are currently working on a reenactment of the birth of Jesus Christ. I also like to write, as I have an unfinished fiction manuscript with thirty thousand words so far. I am the co-president of the Anime club in my school where we watch and learn about the culture of anime and how it came to be.
Haven't taken it yet, but assume I get in the ninetieth percentile which I think I will get.
My teachers didn't show me any of it, but I am sure that they will be good considering the way my teachers have supported me about this.
Essays: I believe I am a gifted writer and personally love to write (this is good for St. Paul's essays, whoo, they are challenging.)
Interviews: Have done Andover's and he liked me a lot, I think. Told me to send in one of my writing in to them. That will look good on my application, I think.
READ THIS: There is just one concern of mine. Before at my current school, I have had serious behavioral problems. Not detentions, but SUSPENSIONS. Will this hurt my chances really badly, or will it be uncared about if my application is striking to them.
So, knowing all of this, please chance me. Ask if you have any questions?</p>

<p>suspensions will hurt your chances so you should look at lesser known schools</p>

<p>Everthing else is definitely good enough for all those schools. but suspension, good luck</p>

<p>By the way I am sure that my teacher recs went well, it's just the school report that I'm worried about. But thanks. I still hope I get in... D:</p>