Chance me for Fall 2012 Business! (may have tmi...)

<p>This is my first .. chance thread so forgive me if im giving you too much info haha</p>

<p>3.89 unweighted gpa
4.5 weighted gpa</p>

<p>highest sat in one sitting: 2140
SAT superscore: 2170 (idk if they superscore)</p>

<p>math level 2: 720
chemistry subject test: 650 (totally was not ready for that..only took honors chem..)</p>

<p>ap nsl: 5
ap ab calc: 5
ap environmental science:4
ap psych: 5
ap chem: senior year
ap stat: senior year
ap lang: senior year</p>

<p> (a club im starting my senior year) President and Founder of Missing Piece (2011-2012)
-after school club that raises awareness on international children trafficking</p>

<p> Receptionist for the American Red Cross Greater Chesapeake & Potomac Blood Region<br>

<p> Leading Edge Student Assembly of Speed Skating (2010-Present)
-assist students with dry land and on ice practice at a local ice rink</p>

<p> Cross Age Teaching of Science (2010-Present)
-structure a science lesson and experiment to teach at a local elementary school</p>

<p> Juina, Brazil – Day camp leader and dance teacher of 300+ children (summer of 2010) </p>

<p> Butler, PA – Crafts leader at a day camp of 90 children, Server at the Salvation Army, and Assistant at Lifehouse Retirement Home (summer of 2010)</p>

<p> Gaithersburg, MD – Kindergarten counselor at Girl Scout Camp Ladybug (summer of 2009)</p>

<p> National Honor Society
 Academic Honor Roll
 AP Scholar with Honor
 Certificate of Meritorious Service
 Maryland Distinguished Scholar Applicant</p>

<p> Web Developer at National Park Services – Greater Washington (summer of 2011)</p>

<p> President of online store CrissCross (2009-Present)
-Sells jewelry and stationary imported from Korea, Japan, and China along with secondhand items</p>

<p>Good scores and grades, the only thing that caught my eye was that almost all the ECs you listed you were involved with starting last year. Which makes it look like you really didn't do anything in Freshman or Sophomore year.</p>

<p>yeah - i did do few EC's but during freshmen and sophomore but it wasnt anything significant like i went to clubs every once in a while and etc so i didnt feel like i should even mention it -- i just never really knew how important extracurricular activities were until the middle of sophmore year. i regret it =/</p>

<p>Write a good essay and you shouldn't have much of a problem.</p>