Chance me for Fall Admissions!!

<p>Hey everyone I know it's pretty much a crapshoot but do you want to give me just basic impressions about my chances?</p>

<p>Currently the Salutatorian
HS: Large Public in Virginia
White Male
GPA: 4.1 Weighted
SATs: 750V, 800M, 800W
SAT IIs: Math Lv2: 800, Literature: 770, Biology: 800, Physics: 710
APs: Maxed out - all 5s.</p>

Junior Year Class VP
Debate Team President (for 3 years), tons of awards
Robotics Team - Regional 1st Place
Lead singer of a 3-person rock band currently in deal with Atlantic Records
Part-time Tennis instructor</p>

<p>No idea what my essay will be on.</p>

<p>Teacher recs most likely to be great.</p>

<p>You have one foot in the door.</p>