<p>Hey guys, I just submitted my final apps due on 1/2 and I'm incredibly N-E-R-V-O-U-S! Please give me honest chances!</p>

<p>Asian male from Wisconsin</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 (UW), 4.6 (W)
Rank: 2/584 (ugh!!!)
SAT: first try: 2360 (770R, 800M, 790W); second try: 2400 (800R, 800M, 800W)
ACT: 35 (36E, 36M, 34R, 35S)
Subject Tests: Chinese (800), Physics (800), Chemistry (790), US History (780), Biology E (800), Math 2 (800), Literature (710; OMG!!!)
AP: Human Geography (5), World History (5), US History (5), Biology (5), Chemistry (5), Psychology (5), Microeconomics (5), Calculus BC (5), English Language (5), Spanish Language (4), Art History (4), Physics B (4; FML!!)</p>

<p>-Siemens Semifinalist (summer research at Brown)
-National Merit Semifinalist (236)
-Interned this summer with Professor Adonis at Brown; researched the effect of medicine on cancer patients (he wrote me AMAZING letters; also said I had a very good chance for PLME, whatever that means)
-National AP Scholar (does this mean much?); I might get the state AP award, but that might be too late
-Physics Bowl 1st Place in Wisconsin (yay!)
-Science Olympiad Honorable Mention
-Engineering Club founder and president since freshman year
-MUN secretary (I lost by 1 vote for the presidency, FML)
-Interned with senator for 2 summers
-Organizer of the Madison-area engineering expo in 2008
-Princeton Book Award (would this help me at P?)
-Calculus Bowl 2nd Place in Regional (lost to our valedictorian, FML!)
-Volunteered 325 hours at the local hospital in ER and ICU
-Good Citizenship Award</p>

Yale (deferred SCEA, FML!!! I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I should've just stuck to Stanford SCEA like my counselor told me to :/)
UC Berkeley
Brown PLME
UPenn Wharton
Williams (it's ranked #1 in liberal arts, but I don't know that much about LACs; safety)
Pamona (my school counselor recommended; safety)
Kenyon (my school counselor recommended; safety)
Bowdin (my school counseor recommended; safety)</p>

<p>My essays were GREAT and I hope my recommendations were good.</p>

<p>According to my counselor, all of my LACs are safeties because no one knows about them and they're easy to get into. Any other safeties on the list?</p>


According to my counselor, all of my LACs are safeties because no one knows about them and they're easy to get into. Any other safeties on the list?




<p>accout made like 2 hours ago, he posted in a few other areas like he was serious</p>

<p>i smell troll</p>

<p>...if you're were really <em>that</em> great, then you should've been able to spell "Emory", "Bowdoin", and "Pomona" correctly -_- .</p>

<p>You're kidding, and it's obvious (spelling Columbia "Colombia" for example), but I'll go ahead and do this:</p>

<p>Harvard - Very High Reach
Yale - Very High Reach
Princeton - Very High Reach
Stanford - Very High Reach
MIT - Very High Reach
Colombia - Very High Reach
UC Berkeley - High Match
Brown PLME - High Reach
Dartmouth - Mid Reach
Rice - Mid Reach
UPenn Wharton - Very High Reach
UChicago - Mid Reach
WashU - Low Reach
Emiry - High Match
Williams - Mid Reach
Pamona - Low Reach
Kenyon - Match
Bowdin - High Match</p>

<p>You're kind of generic.</p>

<p>Is Professor Adonis at Brown really hot? The effect of medicine on cancer patients? Hmmm...
Honorable mention in Science Olympiad, too?</p>

<p>I smell a troll! Not even a good troll.</p>

<p>troll .</p>

<p>FYI, Princeton book award doesn't really help thaaat much for Princeton, but it can't hurt!</p>

<p>Harvard - Reach, as it is for everyone
Yale - Match / Reach
Princeton - Reach
Stanford - Reach - Doable
MIT - Match / Reach
Colombia - Match
UC Berkeley - Match
Brown PLME - Match
Dartmouth - Slight reach
Rice - Probably in
UPenn Wharton - VReach
UChicago - In
WashU - In
Emiry - In (you mean Emory?)
Williams - Probably in
Pamona - Match
Kenyon - In
Bowdin - In</p>

<p>Now chance me? :)
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I, too, smell troll >.> </p>

<p>Harvard - No Chance
Yale - No Chance
Princeton - No Chance
Stanford - No Chance
MIT - No Chance
Colombia - No Chance
UC Berkeley - No Chance
Brown PLME - No Chance
Dartmouth - No Chance
Rice - No Chance
UPenn Wharton - No Chance
UChicago - No Chance
WashU - No Chance
Emiry - No Chance
Williams - No Chance
Pamona - No Chance
Kenyon - Reach
Bowdin - No Chance
Local Community College - Match</p>

<p>I Don't smell troll. Lots of kids read like him and they are the ones getting into top colleges though many don't. There are too many threads here with kids with 2200s and no great ECs being told they are a match for ivies. I can see the confusion!</p>

<p>If your essays and recs were "GREAT", I think you would have made it into Yale SCEA. I'd revisit the essays.</p>

<p>I would say most are reaches, but after I read the last few lines of your post, I saw the "Good Citizenship Award". I think that might just be your ticket in to all those schools.</p>

<p>I mean clearly, there is no honor greater than that of the "Good Citizenship Award".</p>

<p>hahaha u guys are so mean mannn. give this guy a break. </p>

<p>I think ur chances for those schools are amazing. what else can be said, ur a super strong candidate. Just take it easy and hope for the best. :)</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>