Chance me for G Tech and I'll chance you back

OOS decisions for G tech are coming soon, and I’m getting a bit paranoid, so I came on here!

Location: For the sake of anonymity, Northern California

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Ethnicity: Asian Male

My gpa: 3.76 unweighted, 4.27 weighted (This is the only part of my application that I’m really worried about, but I go to a hard school, and I got some B’s in calc + precalc, which are important to my major)

AP Scores: 5 on Chem, 5 on CS A, 5 on Calc BC, 5 on Stat, 5 on APUSH, 5 on French, 4 on World History

SAT Score: 740/790/20, 1530 overall

LORs: I would say 8/10

Essays: They came out nicely and I really liked the second, first was good too.

ECs (again for the sake of anonymity, kept some of them vague)

Research Internship at UC Berkeley Nanoengineering Lab

Designed an digital manufacturing imaging system and discovered ways to improve manufacturing efficiency

Research Internship with Exoplanets + Data Science

Developed an algorithm to calculate the habitable zones of exoplanets by parsing through and analyzing existing data sets from NASA, JPL, CalTech etc.

Research Internship with Machine Learning + Data Science + Computer Science

Investigated and forecasted the potential impact of a second wave of COVID-19 across the U.S using Neural Networks and Machine Learning Algorithms

Volunteer, Software Engineer

Navigated homelessness crisis in SF; Created new ways to vet homeless services, worked with voice assistant, and improved homeless guide with live updates

PF Debate

Competed in national tournaments like Stanford, SCU, and UOP; Recognized among top speakers and as a double-octo finalist and quarterfinalist in PF


Participated as a delegate in committees such as Security Council, DISEC etc; Received honorable mentions and delegation awards at 5+ conferences

Teacher in Mathcounts

Taught a group of 30 middle-school students competitive math so they could participate in competitions like Mathcounts, Mathleague etc.

Tennis, Doubles Player, Tennis Team

Played on the team all 4 years; not too serious like getting recruited or anything


Co-author at an International Engineering Conference For research with UC Berkeley

Invention Record with UC Berkeley (Not submitted to GeorgiaTech)

National French Medalist

AP Scholar w/ Distinction


Thanks in advance! I will chance you if you chance me!

I think your chances are quite good, especially with that research. Your GPA is obviously a setback, but if you have an upward trend (especially at a school that would be a recognizable name to an rep from your area) it shouldn’t stop you. I would really drive the research home on your application.

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You’ve accomplished many impressive things and are in the general top tier of college applicants for any school, but Georgia Tech out-of-state is a reach for everybody. There will be quite a few applicants with similar or even better stats, and obviously everybody can’t get in, but you are a great candidate. Your application reflects diverse involvements, which is a huge plus.


thumbs up, from the information shared.

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Ok, thanks! Would my chances be the same for schools in state like UC Berkeley and UCLA?

GPA is a bit low but ECs matter a lot so you have a good shot

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I think the odds would be a bit less.

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That makes sense; UC’s are holistic, but I’m assuming they get plenty of applications, so GPA is probably emphasized. Thanks!

Yep, thank you!

That makes sense; UC’s are holistic, but I’m assuming they get plenty of applications, so GPA is probably emphasized. Thanks!