Chance me for GA tech please?

Hi all! With 1 day and 13 hours until Georgia tech decisions are released, I am quite anxious; Tech has been my dream school since freshman year and I have fallen in love with the campus having spent hours on campus for various events, competitions, etc. I am in-state and applied Early and my intended major is Psychology. Any chances would be appreciated, I am looking for something to calm my nerves
GPA: School gives weighted numeric average which was a 99, I calculated my UW gpa myself to be a 3.90. Hopefully in the top 10% at a very competitive public school (sends about 20-30 of kids to HYPSM and top 20 schools a year)

SAT: 1470 (720 M, 750 R) single sitting

ACT : 33 (34 E 36 R 33 M 27 S), sent both ACT and SAT, hoping the low science score doesn’t hurt me

AP Classes: AP HUG (4), AP Calc AB (4), AP Chemistry (3), AP Statistics (4), APUSH (4) AP world (4), AP Lang (4), APES (5)

Senior year Course Load - AP micro, AP Macro, AP gov, AP Calc BC, AP bio, AP comparative Gov, on level physics, AP
Literature, and internship (half semester)

work at a math tutoring place
Interned at a school for students with neurological/learning disabilities
Interned at a medical tourism company
Dance team
President of the Mental Health Awareness Club
NHS Officer
Red Cross Club VP

Placed 8th and 2nd in the state for HOSA and 4th internationally
Won a local writing competition

Common app 9.5/10 I slaved over it, I think it really shows my true voice and it really connects my whole app togetehr
Supplementals - 8/10 and 5/10

Counselor 7/10, she likes me
Teacher 6.5/10

Forgot to add that I am an indian female, and requested financial aid but don’t expect to receive any