Chance Me for Georgetown + 17 Other Schools, Class of '22

Hi everyone! I’m new to this website, but I was hoping some of you could help me figure out my chances for Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service? I’ve been wanting to attend for a few years now and would love to know a rough estimate if possible. I already applied for early action, so I’ll be finding out in a few weeks. I want to major in international politics and go into the State Department as a foreign service officer for some context.


ACT: 31 superscore, 29 highest composite. I’ve had issues with receiving my extended time, so that brought my scores down a bit. I’ve always maintained high to perfect scores in english / reading. My math and science are mediocre though, although I managed to bring them up significantly since my first sitting.

GPA: 3.82 (3.90 recalculated) unweighted, and a 5.19 weighted.

APs: AP World (3), AP Human Geography (5), AP European History (5), AP English Lang (4), AP Psychology (3), AP English lit (4), AP US History (4)

IB: 6 in Spanish SL, estimated for a 7 in History HL, 6 in English HL, 5 in Math SL, 5 in Biology SL, and 5 in Psychology HL

Number of AP / IB / Dual Enrollments taken: 6 AP, 7 Dual Enrollment, 13 IB, 14 honors


State: Florida

Race: Latino (Cuban), Afro Caribbean, and White

1.5 generation American (one parent born outside US, all grandparents born outside US)


President of Model UN
Treasurer of IB Honor Society

Interned for the Taiwanese Consulate
Interned for Local City Government Commission Office
Interned for the Thai Consulate
Interned for local congressional member

(overall, I have a little over 3 years in total work experience)

Volunteered for a non-profit law firm specializing in civil litigation

Campaigned for Joe Biden

Founded a virtual Model UN conference with the help of students around the State of Florida during COVID-19. Had international participation and raised money to donate school supplies for children. We hosted 5 conferences throughout quarantine.

Created and run an internship program for high school students. Partnered with consulate offices around my region to create internship positions for high school students; subsequently conducts outreach among model un / political clubs for students to apply. Have partnered with 8 offices and given 28 students internships over the last 1.5 years.


Havard Model Congress Honorable Mention
3 Outstanding Delegate Model UN awards
2 Verbal Commendation Model UN Awards
Commendation by Harvard’s Undergraduate International Relations Program
Silver Knight Nominee
National Community Service Ambassador Award

I know it’s a lot of information, but this is pretty much everything I included in my resume for Georgetown. Again, it’s been my top school for a few years; I even went up to tour this summer. I really appreciate any help you can provide.!

I’m also interested in the following schools (aside from Georgetown):


Out of State:
George Washington
Boston University
Boston College
Wake Forest

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I think you have a chance. You will get a significant AA URM boost, and you’ve got nice APs, ECs. I hope that you are submitting your ACT, because those high English/reading scores will tell them that you are capable of doing very well in your non-STEM major.

Honestly, I think that you might get into all but your tippy-top reaches. Reach out to Tufts early and often, to let them know that you are VERY interested in them, so interested that you give them the impression that they are your absolute first choice. They reject people whom they figure will wind up going elsewhere, to massage their numbers. I don’t know whether any of the other schools measure apparent interest or not, so it’s probably a good idea to reach out to all of them, certainly make a “virtual” visit to each.

As you probably know, Georgetown is tough. At their information session, they said they reject half their applicants with perfect test scores. My son was deferred then rejected with a 34 ACT score, 4.0 UW and 4.7 W GPA, an 800 on the SAT 2 US History and I think harder APs (including Calculus BC and Physics C). He was a white male and I think your more diverse heritage will be a plus along with your government internships. I think they have eliminated their former requirement for 3 SAT subject tests, so that’s good for you. Good luck!


Oh wow, I didn’t know that they reject half their applicants with perfect test scores. I hope your son ended up somewhere where he’s happy. I definitely hope that my heritage and extracurriculars help me a little in balancing out the test scores. I also made sure to include in one of my essays that I’m a part of the LGBT community, although I don’t know if that will help as well.

Also yes! I remember their announcement about discontinuing the requirement for the 3 SAT subject tests, thankfully.

I truly hope so. I’m submitting my ACTs to all schools. Georgetown requires all scores to be submitted so I had no option to not. That’s a good point, I hope they take in my English / reading scores into account more than science and math since my major is non-STEM.

I’m not sure if Georgetown also considers being LGBT, but I included it briefly in one of my essays so hopefully, that helps as well.

I’ve been reaching out to American, NYU, Fordham, and Northeastern frequently, although I definitely need to reach out to more!

When you reach out now what do you say? Any questions I may have had are covered in the school website. I know I should check in and demonstrate interest but…,


Interesting - I just applied to this exact thread - but on a different location so I think OP has several going.

I do agree that the student has rigor and the internships at the embassies are fascinating. I’d like to learn more.

I’m unsure - outside of possibly American - that the ACT would be a positive for this student with that school list. Florida State is the only one I see as likely - so what am I missing that you are seeing?

Outside of GTOWN and the Florida publics, I would not submit the score. American is 50/50 but no other (to me). I would also add another Florida Public such as FAU. And then privates that are of a lower echelon.

One thing we don’t know unless I missed it is cost - so we don’t know which the OP can or can’t afford - because if one were to look at lower ranked schools (public or private), the monetary situation would need to be addressed.

Just curious how you came to this perspective - which very well may be accurate but it contrasts my beliefs.


My best guess is that you are a strong candidate for admission at:

American, FSU, Miami, GWU, Fordham, BU, WFU, and Vassar.

Due to URM status & due to demonstrated interest & involvement in your planned major area of study, your application should be given serious consideration by all of your targeted schools.

I like your honesty & humility. “My math and science are medicore…” ; then you prove this statement with a thread title stating “Georgetown + 17 Other Schools” (should be “Georgetown + 16 Other Schools”.)


I also think you are a good candidate for George Washington and they offered my son a generous Presidential Scholarship (merit aid).


LGBT won’t help you. AA will.

They have a perfect or near-perfect English/reading scores, and are an AA applicant for a non-STEM field, for which they have very strong demonstrated passion, with a stellar record of ECs relating to that field. Highly selective schools are likely to overlook their lower math and science scores, in light of that.


They definitely don’t require SAT subject tests - the College Board got rid of them last year.

The OP is AA and his URM status will give him a boost. His ECs are excellent and really in line with his intended major, as well.


I assume that’s why you said use the ACT. I take a different tact.

Well I read maintained high to perfect in english/reading - so wasn’t sure if that’s a 33 or 36 but if the two are on average a 34 (I’m just guessing), that means math and science = a 24 combo.

I get the URM part - and hence I mentioned to check fly-in programs, etc. if available.

I just disagree with submitting the test score because Gtown, for example, was a 33-35 25th to 75th percentile range last year - and I’d assume (maybe incorrectly) a 29 has little chance.

Same with much of the list.

Even a Fordham the OP is under the 30 of the 25th percentile (although OP would likely get in TO because 64% who enrolled didn’t submit.

Given his list reaches heavy - why I thought to go TO - his 29 will be far under the ranges of most schools and even great schools today have a high % of TO. Obviously Gtown and the Florida publics have to be applied to with a test.

OK - understand your perspective - mine is different but that’s why we are here, to share ideas with the OP.

I still worry about $$ - not mentioned - but not every school on the list meets need (if that’s an issue for OP - I didn’t see anything mentioned).

Lastly, I do think, depending on the duties assigned and it would be awesome if OP can describe, the embassy internships seem fascinating for a HS’er.

Best of luck.

I second this input from @Mom270 . My S21 with similar stats to the OP also received a nice presidential scholarship and he is loving GWU. He also got into Fordham with decent merit. Was rejected at G’town.

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Georgetown is NOT test optional for applicants who have taken an ACT/SAT test or tests.

Because this applicant is Latino and African Caribbean, the OP should probably not apply test optional at any of the schools that offer that option.


Yes I mentioned in an earlier message OP must submit at Gtown and Florida publics.

Even a social science degree today has quantitative elements.

We can agree to disagree. I would guide my child not to submit except maybe American for the TO schools. I just think a low to mid 20s on two sections won’t be good.

I’m super curious about the embassy internships. Perhaps they will be a game changer.

Anyway the OP will decide what’s best for them and I wish them the best of luck.

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for replying. Just to clear some things up:

All my schools take ACT superscore, except Georgetown.

My ACT superscore is a 31, which breaks down into:

English: 35
Reading: 34
Science: 30
Math: 25

My highest composite score was a 29. This only matters for Georgetown. Even then, I called a few weeks ago explaining my situation and they said they take into account your specific major along with seeing that your scores have improved.

My first ACT was a 34 english, 34 reading, 25 science, and 19 math. I was able to improve my STEM scores a lot which I think they’ll appreciate.

As for my government internships, which I know some of you were interested about, here’s what I put on my resume:

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Coral Gables, FL, Consular Intern

January 2020 – May 2021

Worked with a team of consular assistants in receiving approximately 30 applicants per week for visas and passports.

Wrote briefs on incoming delegations, COVID-19 updates, and international policy.

Designed social media campaigns including; regional spotlights to promote tourism, Taiwan’s World Health Organization inclusion campaign, holiday closures, Taiwan facts, etc.

Congresswoman Donna Shalala, Kendall, FL, Congressional Intern

September 2019 – December 2019

Assisted in various constituent casework and nationwide projects.

Responded to 100 individual constituent concerns per week.

Created graphics to publish on social media and contributed ideas for new social media campaigns.

Followed and researched legislation to make recommendations to the congresswoman.
Drafted talking points for interviews as needed.

City of Coral Gables, Coral Gables, FL, City Commission Intern

June 2019 – August 2019

Organized Commission meetings and Town Halls; coordinated catering, flyers, public outreach, etc.

Designed and published 2 monthly newsletters and conducted new resident welcome letter distribution.

Managed public outreach; organized the “City Spotlight” campaign, highlighting local businesses and history.

Coordinated between various national and state political offices.

Royal Thai Consulate, Coral Gables, FL, Consular Intern
June 2019 – August 2019

Provided daily administrative support to the Consul General: responded to 10 applicant requests per day, scheduled 2 weekly meetings, prepared and reviewed written documents.

Helped issue an average of 40 tourist visas, 7 non-immigrant visas, and 3 transit visas per month.

Fully agree. Admissions professionals are keenly aware of how to scale standardized exams…

OPs scores are extremely competitive versus URM cohort (and in general for english and reading) while rigor and internships are exceptional. You are an outstanding candidate!!

Don’t sweat the composite score, admissions professionals are more nuanced then CC commentators.


omg u are so impressive, you have a good chance!