Chance me for Georgetown, Penn, and some others

<p>I am a senior from Tucson, Arizona. I am applying to Georgetown, UPenn, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, USD, Arizona, NYU and Princeton. If you could please chance me on any of theses schools (besides UAz, I've already been accepted), I would really appreciate it!</p>

<p>Here is some personal info on me
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Major: Business Administration in Finance and possibly a double with PoliSci or Gov't
Future goal: Get my MBA-Finance/Management and eventually become a politician, want to work on Wall Street or with investing companies
Income: $58,000
Single mother with custody, Father has never paid child support</p>

<p>School info:
GPA: 4.29 weighted, 3.69 unweighted
Rank: 30 out of 449, top 10%
SATs: 2050/1430 (CR of 650, Math of 780 and 620 writing)
SAT Subject: 790 on Math 2 and 630 on US History
AP scores: 5 on Calc AB, 4 on Language comp., and 4 on US History
Senior Schedule: AP Lit, AP Calc BC, AP Gov't, Economics (no AP offered)</p>

Internship with 151 hours during Junior year
Job as Guest Services Attendant with 210 hours (currently working there)
Varsity Baseball (1 letter) junior year and JV baseball freshman + sophomore year
Varsity Volleyball (1 letter expected) senior year. First year playing
Club Volleyball
Varsity Bowling (1 letter expected) senior year. First year playing
Bowling Club - Secretary, Senior year
National Honors Society - Treasurer, Junior and Senior year
58 community service hours
Interact club Freshman + Sophomore year
Football during Freshman year
Senior Advisory Committee
Nominated for Most School Spirited (fun fact: school was ranked top 13 toughest high school volleyball venue in the country by ESPN magazine)</p>

AP Scholar
Arizona Daily Star Student of the Week during Freshman year
JV Co-Captain for baseball Sophomore year</p>

<p>If you could give me chances on any of these schools, I would GREATLY appreciate it! I have my Georgetown interview today, have finished my Harvard and U-San Diego applications and the others are still withstanding because I need to write supplement essays. Thank you!</p>


<p>I've gotta say, Georgetown, Stanford and the ivys are pretty high reaches for you. Your extra curriculars are good but I don't see any really in depth interests. That said, you have good grades and a decent SAT. I'm not too familiar with the other schools so I can't say much about them.</p>