Chance Me for Georgia Tech, etc. Reach Schools

Asian female
FL public high school
Upper-middle class

Intended Major
Computer science

GPA, Rank, Test Scores
Unweighted HS GPA: 4.0
Weighted: 5.125 (AP is a +2 weight, honors is a +1 weight)
Class rank: 5 out of 852
SAT: 1570

Completed: Human geography (4), world history (5), European history (5), biology (4), calc AB (4), English language (4), US history (5), psychology (5), Spanish language (3), chemistry (3)
Current: Art history, Physics 1, US government, English literature, environmental science, calc BC

National Merit Semifinalist
AP Scholar with Distinction

Youth orchestra (6 years)
Varsity cross country (4 years, team captain)
NHS President
Mu Alpha Theta historian
Girls Who Code summer camp (2020 summer)

Part-time at Planet Smoothie


  • Safety: UCF
  • Match: UF
  • Reach: Georgia Tech, UIUC, Vanderbilt, Duke, Cornell, Stanford

I’m looking for my chances specifically for Reach schools. If you have any other school suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!

I think the OOS acceptance rate at GT last year was in the 10-15% range. Maybe a bump for being female since GT is about 60/40 male.

Kind of curious why Duke and Vanderbilt are on the list? When you think CS those two aren’t at the top. I was thinking CMU, MIT, Michigan, Maryland, etc.

Are you OK with your safety and match? Some schools offer scholarships and perks for NMSF like USC.

Good luck.

I agree with @chmcnm Why Vanderbilt? Their suggestions for reaches are also good.

If FL still provides the Benacquisto Scholarship, than any Florida college is a really good deal for NMFs.

UIUC has an acceptance rate of about 10% for CS, and Cornell’s admission rate is around that. Stanford is a lottery ticket for anybody.

Your chances may be a bit higher than average for colleges which admit directly to major because you are a woman (as @chmcnm mentioned).

What are you looking for in a college, besides a top CS program?

Thank you both for your reply. Thought CMU and MIT are too reachy based on my stats. Michigan OOS is over $50k. Never thought about Maryland.

I probably can go to UF with minimal expense if not full-ride. Parents will pay for GeoTech/UIUC etc. if I can get in because of their strong CS program and not too high tuition. They will also consider paying for CMU or MIT since they are top schools. I guess as of now, I am only looking for a top CS program.

Any suggestions for more safety and match? I know some schools give full ride for NMF but didn’t know USC offers scholarship and perks.

Based on my AP scores, my liberal arts classes seem stronger than STEM ones. I have always been good with STEM. Math was never too hard for me but the fact is I only got 4 for Calculus AB. I was hoping to have a recommendation from math teacher to support my STEM capability. But I had on-line class last year due to COVID so didn’t have interactions with the math teacher. Do you think will this be an issue?

Thank you!

I think your stats would be competitive anywhere. Any top CS program is a lottery ticket for everyone. You just have to play. The only question is cost. Personally, I don’t think any undergrad CS program is worth debt. I think your parents reasoning is solid.

You safeties look solid. I’d think about adding FSU. NMF gets a ton of money and instant admit into the Honors program. A few other schools give good merit to NMF students. I think Northeastern might be a candidate.

Other top CS schools that might be affordable OOS would be Georgia Tech, UIUC, Wisconsin, UT Austin, Maryland, UMass, and Purdue. Any lower rated schools probably wouldn’t be an upgrade over your in-state schools especially for the cost.

I think you’d be good fit for GT. You’d probably get a bump for female and full-pay OOS. Write a good essay. If you get deferred write a letter of interest.

Of course MIT, CMU, and Stanford would be great but expensive.

We had a budget with our kids. Any state school was affordable (Pitt, PSU, Temple). After that you’ll have to get merit if you don’t want to stay in-state. No FA for us.

When S20 got into Georgia Tech we agreed to pay more. It was a no brainer especially since he’ll probably graduate in 3 years with AP/dual enrollment classes. S21 ended-up at FSU with OOS tuition waiver and Honors program. He’s happy too. Good luck.