Chance me for gies 2025

Please Chance me for Urbana Champaign Gies instate student applied early action back in October/november

At time of application:
3.8 uw
4.25 w
7 ap classes (gov, apush, both Econs, stats, csp, German) + 3 additional non cb ap weighted classes + 9 honors courses
1450 sat

Soccer 4 years, regional karate champion, NHS, German NHS, 2 years of recycling club, plus others such as volunteering.

Top 5-10% of class of 625 ish students

Went from 3.8 and 3.3 in freshman year, to straight 4.0 uw to between 4.3-4.7 weighted sophomore, junior, and senior years with all As in Ap weighted classes, so a huge turnaround.

Decent essays

You likely have a good chance, unfortunately we have no visibility to how many apps UIUC received this year, which makes everything more uncertain than usual.

Make sure you have also applied to an affordable safety.

Good luck

They received 5000 aps & the CS acceptance rate is 4%.

Well did you get in?
Did you take an ACT/SAT?