Chance me for grad, business, and law schools

<p>Also, does not giving out your race on the application lower your chances of getting in?</p>

<p>Undergraduate major: Civil engineering
Year of graduation: 2013
GRE, LSAT, GMAT: Not taken
Went to community college for 1 semester, then transferred to a very competitive 4-year college
GPA at community college: 3.75
4-year college doesn't do GPA's; they do grades on a 100-point scale. In that case, my average is an 85 but I think it's going down quickly...</p>

12 credits of math (8 at community, 4 here)
3 credits of physics (all here)
7.5 credits of chemistry (4 at community, 3.5 here)
2.5 credits of computer sci (all here)
5 credits of English (3 at the community, 2 here)
3 credits of an elective that has nothing to do with what I'm studying (all here)
Completed 2 semesters so far (1 semester at community and 1 here)
I got all A's (so far) in all my math and physics classes. It was the other classes that brought my average down. Also, I'm planning to take some economics and management classes during my junior and senior years. That's when we're allowed to choose electives.</p>

Dean's list (1 semester so far)
Contributor to a publication in a non-related science field
Intramural sailing (1 semester)
4 months of supervisory work experience in a non-academic field</p>

<p>Chance me for:
UCLA grad school (math Ph.D program)
Berkeley grad school (physics Ph.D program)
UH Law School (J.D. program in patent law)
Wharton School (MBA actuarial science program)</p>