Chance me for GW ED2?

Here are my stats:
Race: White
Gender: male
Economic status: middle class
City: NYC
I go to a very competitive school in NYC not sure if that matters
GPA 3.1 UW (not sure how to weight it)
APs: I’ve taken 5 out of the 8 offered: APUSH(5) AP World(5) AP Comp Sci(?) AP English Lang(?) AP Bio (?)
SAT: 1430 subjects 770 US history 760 World
ECs: I interned at a city hall in NJ over the summer and even got a letter of Rec from him. I assisted in my brothers baseball league during equipment days they have twice a year and also help tutor kids at my local church after school, in addition to 3 yrs at my HS MUN club.
Letters of recommendation: the city clerk I mentioned as well as my APUSH + AP world teachers who Im sure wrote good letters.
My essay: my common app essay is something I’m really proud of and my GW essay was pretty good too
If I’m missing anything please let me know thanks!

Does anyone have any comments?

I’m really sorry- I don’t know how this slipped through my radar.

I think your case is very difficult to predict because, while your SAT is great, your GPA is quite low. Also, your EC’s are a little weak on both number of different activities as well as time spent doing them (unless you’ve got hundreds of hours tutoring at your church?)

If I had to hazard a guess, though, I’d say that GW is a reach for you. Applying ED will definitely help, though, and if your essays were strong then who knows… the “total package” is hard to judge on here.

Good luck- I hope you get good news in February!

Thanks! Do you know if ED2 decisions are in the second or third week of February?

Also, forgot to ask this, but does the fact I’m applying for polo sick matter?

*poli sci not polo sick lol

That definitely makes it harder since poly sci is a competitive major

ED2 results come out in “late February,” so I doubt you’ll see anything the second week.

As far as applying for poli-sci, yes, that definitely affects your chances as, like @astroworld11 put it, it’s a very competitive major. Successful applicants usually have a robust list of EC’s, many pertaining to politics in some form. Your internship at city hall and MUN experience will both count in that regard.

I’d still say GW is a reach for you, though, in case you were wondering.

did you get in?

Yes I did! So excited!

Congrats! That’s great news!

Thank You @NHuffer!