Chance me for harvard cornell and stanford

<p>My specs are </p>

<li>valedictorian in my class</li>
<li>sat 2150 reading 700 math 760 writing 690</li>
<li>sat2 physics 760 bio 800 math2 800</li>
<li>attended stanford summer school during my junior year and attained 'b' and 'a' for
electrical engineering course and computer science course (total 8 credits)</li>
<li>community service hours: 340 hours</li>
<li>extracurricular activities
~ swimming my sophomore year i went to districts my junior year i went to districts and regionl and my senior year i went to districts and regional (varsity swim)
~ varsity soccer for two years
~ varsity tennis for one year
~ national honors society vice president
~ class vice president
~ captain of the academic team
~ commander of a color guard
~ commander of the squadron</li>
<li>student of the month for 3 years</li>
<li>ap calculus ab : 5 ap us history 4 ap biology 5 ap english 4 </li>
<li>gpa 4.0 unweighted 4.5 weighted</li>
<li>taking ap economics And ap us goverment this semester</li>
<li>finished ap cal in my sophomoren year and took cal2 and cal3 at florida institute of technology and got As</li>
<li>at FIT, took about 8 classes including computer science and engineering (both electircal and mechanical) and earned 32 college credits. With stanford credit, its 40 college credits in total</li>
<li>i am an asian and international student studying in the us</li>
<li>toefl 105/120</li>
<li>have a recommendation from stanford professor</li>
<li>fluent in english and korean. Speak decent chinese and some spanish</li>
<li>have second degree in tae guan do if it counts</li>
<li>president of the student council in my freshman year</li>

<p>As good a chance as anybody else. X_X</p>

<p>Harvard and Stanford are "lottery" schools for everyone. There is no way any of us can predict your chances there.</p>

<p>Cornell is a bit more predictable, but the fact that you are an international applicant rather than a domestic one makes things harder. Which division of Cornell would you be applying to? That also can make a big difference.</p>

<p>Make an appointment with your guidance counselor and discuss your entire college list. If that person has never worked with an international applicant before, find out which places have admitted domestic students with your profile in the past few years, and adjust your sight downward a peg or two. Generally speaking, what would be a match for a US applicant is a reach for an international applicant even if that applicant does not require any financial aid at all. If you need financial aid, everywhere is a reach.</p>

<p>I would say your in at cornell and out at the others. Your rank is obviously amazing but I don't see any really track your interested based on your ec's. I think showing your passion for what you want to study through your outside activities is extremely important. All i see is sports and academic team. Your going to be competing against kids who are beats at math and science and have pounded the area. While you have to be well rounded, I think everyone wants to see an area that you clearly dominate...Your stats are amazing don't think otherwise.. problem is there are so many others just like you regarding stats and stuff. Good luck though!</p>