Chance me for Harvard, etc. PLEASE

<p>First off, I know that it's next to impossible to get in. I just want to know if I'm wasting my time even applying.
I am also applying to Yale (early action) Brown, Princeton, Georgetown, Duke, Amherst and Bowdoin. If you could chance me for those as well that would be great!
Ok, so here's my stats.
4.0 uw GPA. Currently 4.5 weighted. I will have taken 9 AP's by the time I graduate.
Highest GPA in my school's record.
Number 1 in my class of about 250
(Here's the weak part)
SAT I's=770 writing 720 cr 680 math
I am going to retake them and hopefully bring up the math score. I am also taking the ACT. I have not taken the SAT II's yet.
I'm extremely talkative in class, I'm a junior and teachers have already volunteered to write my recommendations, so I think those will be pretty strong.
I've also already drafted some essays -- my academic strength is writing, so I'm not too worried about those (although I do plan to edit a lot!)</p>

<p>SO, EC's
Member of 2 of my school's clubs for 4 years, next year I will be the publicist and correspondent with other schools for one of them.
California Arts Scholar (highest honor for the arts in California)
I've won statewide writing competitions
Varsity softball for 4 years, captain next year
I work part time at a hardware store (began as cashier, worked my way up to assistant manager)
I also have my own tutoring business, and I donate half the proceeds to charity (I employ some of my classmates, and this is a rule we all follow)
I work as a personal trainer and a spin teacher, having obtained my certification
I'm taking college courses over the summer
I'm interning in a vet's office over the summer
President of another club at my school
Started a foundation at my school to help kids prepare for college
Volunteered at 2 different animal shelters for over 6 years each
Write for the community newspaper and my school newspaper
Highest grade in the school in 3 of my classes
Student of the month twice so far
I tutor my peers for free
I'm Buddhist, and I am active in my temple.
Semifinals in a drama competition
I am a national merit scholar
I volunteered at the breast cancer walk
I've volunteered at two festival in my town for 4 years
II tutor kids at the local junior high after school for free
I started a book club and an ethnic foods club outside of school
I took a guitar class and taught myself how to read music
I reformed our cardio workouts for softball (I now lead spin classes)</p>

<p>Whew! If you actually read all of that, thank you! Please chance me for these schools:
Yale (EA) Harvard Brown Princeton Georgetown Duke Bowdoin Amherst</p>

<p>Honestly, you need to really raise the SATl for a fighting chance at all except maybe Bowdoin. Being an unhooked candidate from CA puts you in a highly competitive pool, look at 5th percentile scores for an idea of where you want to be. At H and Y, for example, they are 790 in each section.</p>

<p>ECs are also not te caliber often associated with very top college acceptees. I'm hoping you have some safeties too.</p>

<p>Umm. If you don't significantly raise your test scores, you will only get into Bowdoin. I would try looking at some colleges like Penn State, University of Michigan, Colgate, University of Texas El Paso,cand Spring Lake community college.</p>

<p>Please ignore people like feinyNY who have only this way to amuse themselves. Actually you do have a shot at all those schools. Yes, your SAT's make the chances less at (especially) Harvard, Yale and Brown, but they do take students with test scores like yours every year. And I am not talking about a 1% chance, but more like a 5-10% chance given your stellar GPA/class rank and EC's. I would cut way back on the EC list though, some of those are not even EC's like "Highest grade in the school in 3 of my classes; Student of the month twice so far" and I am not sure putting your religion is appropriate, although certainly that is an individual choice. I would phrase the last more as what you have done when you say you have been active. If you just mean attending, then I would leave it out. If you mean volunteering at shelters or the like, then sure, that belongs. I think your essay would be a better place to bring out how your faith has affected your life, if that resonates with you too. National Merit is not an EC either. Reforming cardio workouts sounds like you are trying to squeeze too much in. You have some really good things, like varsity softball and working after school and tutoring and some of the others. Focus on the major ones.</p>

<p>Having said all that, you should definitely apply to about 4 high level schools that are the next tier down from the ones you mention. You don't mention if money is an issue, but if it is then you could get some wonderful scholarships from other schools. A half dozen or so you can explore and see if any fit are Chicago, WUSTL, Tufts, Vanderbilt, USC, and Emory. These are all very "Duke-like" academically and while you are likely to get into Duke, it would make sense to spread the risk. Admissions can be very odd sometimes. If you are looking for potential full rides or high merit scholarships, let us know and other schools could be suggested.</p>

<p>I agree. Don't take some of the posters seriously.
You have really competitive stats.
I even think your SAT is fine.
Work on your Killer Essays.</p>

<p>Yale (EA) 6%
Harvard 3%
Brown 10%
Princeton 5%
Georgetown 16%
Duke 15%
Bowdoin 40%
Amherst 40%</p>

<p>I firmly believer that the poster RoughAnswer has no idea in predicting college admissions.
We can't either, we are just giving you help, but RoughAnswer clearly has no idea...
Where does he/she pull off those numbers?</p>

<p>RoughAnswer's predictions are hilarious. You don't even know what the asker is majoring in, and you make stupid, specific predictions. Do you really think the #1 student in the class with a 4.0 GPA and a 2170 only has a 40% chance at Amherst and Bowdoin? REALLY?? Please don't make stupid posts like these; I two of my friends got into Georgetown; thier SAT scores were 2210 and 2230, and their GPA and EC's combined didnt even compare to hers. </p>

<p>Most of the guys here don't know what they're talking about... Your GPA is obviously outstanding, your EC's are outstanding, and your SAT score is competative. Do your research people... who said a 2170 was out of range for half these schools? Look up th average scores for all the schools, and you will find that a 2170 is right on the dot for many of the schools he listed. Also, you're EC's are great, and you are a girl, which actually helps a tiny bit for these top schools. (sorry, not being sexist, but the "girls" applicants pool has usually been less competative, and most of these schools like to keep an even ratio) But seriously, anyone who's been harping on her for the SAT scores is either an idiot or blind to her EC's. California Arts Scholar? Assistant manager? Has her own foundations? Internship? The one thing you should worry about is the Subject Tests, as you need them just to apply to these schools. Anyways, you are one of the most competant and prepared applicants I have seen in a while. If you're up to it, get that SAT up a little too. A 2250 and up would make a you a lock for most of those schools</p>