Chance me for Harvard please

<p>I'm a junior right now.
I am currently a valedictorian
I have a 2150 on my SAT (retaking)
I have taken Ap chem and Ap world history as a sophmore and recieved 4s on both
I have taken SAT 2 chem and I am waiting for scores (hoping for 750) taking others later.
I am a two time Texas All-State violinist
I have won the "outstanding soloist award" at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble competition which is also for violin. (200 out of 22,000 chosen)
I was in the math olympiad team for two years.
I have been the student body president for 3 years. I have experiences in many things such as collaborationg with local businesses to raise funds etc.
My passion for helping people led me to create a school club that plays charity concerts for donations to Africa.
My newly discovered passion for physics led me to do research with a professor who works with ion particle accelerators (devices used for studying and creating new materials, black holes, etc.)
I have won full scholarships from many music festivals.
First chair at my school's orchestra.</p>

<p>I know I lack the variety of extra cirriculars, but I have passion for music music and physics so I pursued them alot. My academics aren't as impressive as the geniuses that apply to Harvard, but I want to know if I can make it. Thank You for looking at my resume!!</p>