Chance me for Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and other top schools!

Hi guys! I’m a rising senior in Wisconsin. I have a 4.4 GPA and I’ve taken college (computer science) classes at Marquette University and BYU, where I have a 4.0. I’ve received 5’s on all my AP tests and self-studied 2 AP’s. My ACT is a 35. I’m a member of NHS, and Spanish Honor Society.

Extracurricular wise, I’ve been on the varsity team for two sports since sophomore year, play on a club team for one of my sports, and have received regional awards in those sports. I also volunteer with the Wisconsin Special Olympics and volunteer as a coach for a local elementary school.
I run my own blog and I’m on the executive board for my school’s newspaper.
I’m on the exec board for our school’s culture club, and I volunteer a lot within the Wisconsin Asian Community. I also started a non-profit that gives rural students in China access to excellent English teachers and materials as the communities don’t have the money to provide it themselves.
I’ve won many awards, regional and national, for computer science. I started a camp that teaches girls how to code, this camp evolved into a non-profit that has many chapters throughout the Midwest.

I’m a t-ball coach in summer, then a basketball scorer in the winter.
I’m also a grocer at Whole Foods.

I’ve gained lots of hours at my local library, where I’ve volunteered since freshman year.
Volunteer as a teacher for a local Girls Who Code chapter.
I tutor kids in English in China.

Schools I want to apply too:
USC - Presidential/Trustee Scholar
Berkeley - Regent’s/Chancellor’s Scholar
UW - Madison

Thank you for reading! If you think there’s anything I can do this summer to improve my chances, please comment!!

I intend on applying computer science with a double major in international business!!

You are a competitive applicant. Your stats and ECs are great. Write good essays and you could get accepted to any of these schools