Chance me for Harvard:)?

I have a 4.6 gpa, 12 ap classes, 1570 sat, and 35 act. I’m also in nhs and a national merit scholar finalist. I started a successful non profit my sophomore year and have been volunteering at hospitals and with the red cross. I’m in a lot of clubs at school. I play piano and bass clarinet. I go to an academy for piano on the weekends and I have placed in a few competitions. What are my chances for Harvard?

do you have any leadership positions? how long have you been in the amount of clubs you have been in- colleges are looking for quality, not quanity. stats purely look good tho

Your GPA and test scores are great. Harvard is certainly a hard school to get into. A lot will depend on your essays, recommendation letter and your leadership and spikes in your ECs.

I do have a few leadership positions. I was in 8 clubs sophomore year but I cut down to make more time for volunteering and my non profit which I cofounded.

Now i’m in like 5

What is your demographics? your parents education and income, your geographical location, your race and your school profile. If you happen to be in one of more competitive cohorts, your stats offers you less than 3% chance without some national distinctions.

I have a feeling this OP is somewhat speculating and is a junior or younger. It’s not all about the bare bones- stats, how many clubs, or competitions, nor the number of AP. And there’s a lot of info missing here.

Honestly clubs at school, and leadership in clubs at school, NHS etc. aren’t that relevant.

Your stats mean that you meet the benchmarks for consideration. After that it is really about other things.

I am always mystified by high schoolers who found non-profits. Did you seek formal recognition as a non-profit? Since we don’t know anything about it, it is hard to comment.

Ditto your volunteering. We don’t know if you are a candy-striper or something else, in the hospital, and we don’t know what you do for the Red Cross, or for how long.

Your music activities may contribute to your chances. Consider submitting a music supplement with recording or video, music resume and letter(s) from teacher(s) or director.

It’s fine not to divulge personal details. Noone can chance you anyway. Admissions is “holistic” and hard to guess at. Justs remember that it is not about the value of an individual so much as how that individual can contribute to the mix of a class.