Chance me for Holy Cross 2026

I’m a junior and I might apply rd next year with a 3.7 w gpa, good ecs/recs. Can someone let me know if they got in with similar stats because im getting nervous since everyone’s stats are so high. Thanks!!

ACT/SAT: didnt take yet, taking in march
GPA: 3.7w, 3.4uw
Rank: school doesnt rank
Rigor (APs/honors): 4 college classes, 1 ap, and all college prep. very strong prep school in ny
Extras: varsity track all 4 yrs, leadership in 4 clubs, school newspaper, speech and debate, mock trial 200+ service hours
State Residency: ny
Ethnicity: white
Gender: female
Major: political science

Hey there- you should definitely push yourself to get the highest SAT/ACT that you can get (hopefully around 1400 to put yourself in a good position).

Other than that, it is definitely good that you are staying active in ec’s, especially if you have leadership roles in certain areas that may fit your major of political science.

However, try your best to boost your GPA as much as possible, because that is one of the main things that any school will look for in an applicant.

Good luck, you got this!