Chance Me for Holy Cross

I am considering applying RD for College of the Holy Cross and was wondering if I could get any input on whether or not I have a shot at getting in. I toured the school over the summer and had an interview that I felt went pretty well. I would also be a third-generation legacy student since both my father and grandfather attended. I am a prospective biochemistry major and currently go to a public high school in New Hampshire.

Here are my stats…
-GPA (my school only does weighted): 4.11
-Class Rank: 28 out of 241
-SAT: 1380
-ACT (not planning on submitting): 30
-SAT Subject Molecular Bio: 710
-I have taken majority honors classes in the past four years and have taken 5 AP Classes in total (Comp Sci, Bio, Environmental, Chem, and Physics)

And here are some of my extracurriculars…

  • Part-time job: Worked at a grocery store my sophomore and junior year and as a restaurant hostess senior year
  • School Newspaper (10,11)
  • Marine Science Team (Team Captain position held Junior & Senior yr) (10,11,12)
    -Science Olympiad (11,12)
    -Yearbook Club (10,11,12)
    -Senior year internship in an AP Biology class (similar to a TA position) (12)
    -Model United Nations (11,12)
    -Volunteer at local library with technology help (10)
    -Science National Honors Society (11,12)

I have stayed on the high honor roll for all four years of high school and have three recommendation letters (one is from my guidance counselor and I have two strong letters from teachers I have recently had).

Thanks for the help!

I would say you have a decent shot - probably right around average for an accepted applicant. Lean in heavily to demonstrate your interest in the school (it matters to HC) if you are! Legacy should help.