Chance me for HPS & a few other big ones

<p>Please chance me for the following schools.</p>


UW GPA: 3.64
W GPA: 4.62
Rank: 40/389
SAT: 2140
Haven't taken SAT Subject Tests yet
State: Colorado
Well-known IB School</p>

<p>Classload -</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
- PIB American Government
- PIB General Economics
- PIB Biology
- PIB Spanish 1
- PIB English
- PIB Integrated Math 1
- Honors Competitive Speech</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
- PIB U.S. History
- PIB Chemistry
- PIB Spanish 2
- PIB English
- PIB Integrated Math 2
- College Course Geography
- Honors Competitive Speech</p>

<p>Junior Year:
- HL (Higher Level) IB Biology*
- HL IB English*
- HL IB Psychology*
- SL (Standard Level) IB Economics
- SL IB Spanish 3*
- SL Math Methods*
- IB Theory of Knowledge*
- Honors Competitive Speech</p>

<p>Anticipated Senior Year:
- HL IB Biology*
- HL IB English*
- HL IB Psychology*
- SL IB Spanish 4*
- SL Math Methods*
- IB Theory of Knowledge*
- Honors Competitive Speech</p>

<li>Two-year IB course</li>

<p>EC -
1. Captain - Debate team, Policy Debate (Top 5% in country) (9-12)
2. Varsity Football - Captain & Quarterback (9-12)
3. Varsity Baseball - Captain (9-12)
4. Student Board of Education - President (Essentially a board of education for our district composed of two students from each high school in the district)
5. Newspaper Photographer - Head photographer (Newspaper has won 4 Pacemaker awards in a row)
6. National Honors Society
7. Core Team - President (11-12)</p>

<p>Awards -
1. State semi-finalist - Policy debate (2009-10)
2. National History Day - National Finalists (2009)
3. Multiple statewide debate tournaments - 1st place (2009-10)</p>

<p>Work Experience -
1. Staff Photographer - Eathan's Photography (Professional sports photography company)
2. Creator of Impact Photography, freelance photography (Sports, nature, weddings, senior pictures)
3. Umpire for Little League Baseball
4. Internship- District Curriculum Developer - Student Board of Education (Co-curriculum writer for a brand new leadership class in all the district's high schools)</p>

<p>Volunteer Work -
1. Volunteer for Obama's campaign (2008)
2. Volunteer for Hickenlooper's governor campaign (2010)</p>

<p>Essays -
Haven't really written them yet... I know that the essay(s) is one of the single most important things so I'll devote enough time to them to hopefully make them excellent.</p>

<p>My biggest passions are the Student Board of Education and their work along with the curriculum I developed and photography. I plan on submitting photography as an arts supplement to the schools that offer it.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, I'll chance anyone back.</p>

<p>GPA, rank, and SAT are far too low. Penn, Princeton, Harvard and Stanford are big reaches, but youre most likely in at Gtown if you EA there.</p>

<p>You are URM, so you have one big hook.
Are you good enough to get recruited for football? That would give you the other big hook.</p>

<p>Honestly, you will likely get into five of the seven schools you mentioned. Which five I can't tell.</p>

<p>@ billabongboy9828 - I know that my GPA and rank aren't great but can it somehow be made up for in other areas, say essays and ECs? Also, do these schools give more credit to IB students? </p>

<p>@ Soze - I think I have a chance to be recruited to play football but that's absolutely not a guarantee. I'm also first generation, I don't know how big of a hook that is but regardless, everything helps.</p>