Chance me for Hunter(Macualy)/Sophie Davis/Cornell/Stony Brook Scholars of Medicine

<p>I am a current junior in a not so competitive public high school on long island.
My unweighted GPA is around a 94, weighted around a 97.(my school does GPA's like this, and not on a 4.0 scale) My class rank hovers around the top 5% of a class of 400. I'm currently taking 2 college courses in school(college spanish from st.johns, and college accounting from c.w. post) and the rest of my classes are honors level courses including honors chemistry and honors trig. I am also self-studying for the World AP exam since I am taking global 9 and global 10 honors currently(i moved from Pennsylvania so some of the curriculum differs). My schedule for next year includes 4 AP's(psych, bio, eco & gov). I want to go to a prefferably in-state school with a good pre-medical program. </p>

<p>I recieved a 191 on the PSAT's, and have been working on studying for the SAT's, my practice scores hover around 2000-2100. Also plan on taking the SAT II's in chemistry, math I, world history, and perhaps biology.</p>

<p>Extracurriculars(where i fall pretty flat)
1 year of Interact Club
Part time job at Dunkin Donuts(just got hired)
Signed up to volunteer at hospital in Queens during the summer
Will be a camp counselor this summer at a Sikh(religious camp), day camp about 100 hours total
Active volunteer at local temple
Just got into NHS as well
(Looking for some more good EC's to add on)</p>

<p>Indian male (sikh, if that makes any difference</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting into the following:
SUNY Stony Brook's Scholars of Medicine Program
Hunter (Macualy Honors College)-that full tuition+room and board is pretty attractive
and last and probably least
Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education(7-year B.S./M.D. program, forces one to go into primary care)</p>

<p>I am not familiar with all of these but I am thinking Cornell is reach, but it matters how you present yourself on the app and essays. Cornell is one of those schools that cares most about "fit" so if you show you belong, they will be happy to take you. I am not sure, though, because there is not a lot to work with (in terms of #s such as SATs and SATIIs). Good luck!!</p>

<p>Cornell - reach
SUNY Stony Brook's - match
Hunter - match
Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education - ?</p>

<p>Kiddah! I am a Sikh too who will pursue pre med track next year in CAlifornia.</p>

<p>In terms of chances, I give you:
High reach - Cornell
SUNY - match
Hunter - match
Honors Medical - HIGH REACH (these are usually medical heavy; i.e. they require you to have a lot of exposure to the medical field through volunteering, researching, and competitions.)</p>

<p>Thanks guys, looks like I need to jump on some medical related ec's, and do good on the SAT's(march, here I come)
anyone else??</p>

<p>yea i dont know much about any of the schools but cornell is reach for most people. If your looking at med programs, maybe volutneer a little a the hospital locally or some other place. Possibly get up your SATs if your set on Cornell as your number 1</p>

<p>Thanks, and I'm working on the sat scores, BB :)
anyoneee elseee bump bump</p>

<p>Bump and grindsss</p>

<p>Anyone else, especially for Macualay?</p>

<p>bump, come on macualay guys?</p>