Chance me for In-state

Hi, I’m an instate hs senior from one of the most competitive high schools in NC. I have a 4.00UW and 4.45 weighted GPA, 7 AP classes, 19 honors classes, class rank is top 8% (52 out of 634 students), and I got a 35 composite on ACT. I am a competitive dancer, President of a club, NHS member, and in 1-2 other clubs as well. I think my essays were slightly above average. Can someone chance me? I’m nervous bc of how competitive my area is.

Depends on what county you are in. If not Wake or Meck, then your chances are pretty good. If you are in Wake or Meck, it will be tough unless you are top 5%. Unless you have some other hook?

I am in one of those counties. I hope my ACT will help with not being in the top 5%. I am pretty focused on what I want to do for my career, and did a Johns Hopkins Summer Program for it as well.

No guarantees, but even if you are in Wake or Meck, I would think with that ACT on top of your GPA and course rigor you should get in. Assuming your essays are above average and the recommendations are as well. Good luck!

Those stats seem on the high end for what UNC reports, does it differ a lot by what county you’re from? I’m not in state, so I don’t know a lot about how UNC does things. In Virginia it does seem like students from hyper competitive areas in Northern Virginia have to produce higher stats than elsewhere to get into selective state universities.

With a 35 ACT in the top 8% I think you’ll be ok; obviously no guarantees. If you’re in Meck, look at your Naviance scattergram for UNC. I don’t think Wake uses Naviance. For some top schools in Wake and Meck, they seem to go a little deeper (10%), maybe because many go Duke, Vandy, Ivies, etc. Good luck!

Hmm, all looks great except that class rank, which is a tad low for those counties. Best of luck to you!

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