Chance Me for Ivies :O

<p>I am interested in applying to competitive schools for a math/ science related major- probably biomedical or chemical engineering this fall. Do I have a chance for the Ivies / Duke / Stanford / etc.?</p>

<p>GPA- Unweighted- approx. 3.9
Weighted- approx- 4.3
Class Rank- top 1%- #2 or 3 out of 400+</p>

Bio AP (A)
US Hist AP (B+)
(Poor AP Scores- not submitting)</p>

<p>Nexy year:
AP Environmental
AP Physics
AP Psych OR AP English
AP Calc AB</p>

<p>SAT Scores:
Math 780
Writing 790
CR 570 (very bad, but retaking)
Total: 2140</p>

<p>ACT Scores: (retaking)
Composite: 30
Combined English/ Writing: 31</p>


<p>Peer Leadership- (a selective club within the high school that promotes various community service projects such as light up a life, peace takes practice, etc. We also help the freshmen have a smooth transition into high school)- Soph, Junior, Senior</p>

<p>Peer Mediation- established by a small group of students this year, we help students come up with solutions to various problems- Junior, Senior</p>

<p>NHS- will lead some community service projects next year</p>

<p>JV Lacrosse- Freshman, Soph, Junior
Varsity Lacrosse- Senior</p>

<p>Part time job @ local grocery store since end of freshman year- 15-16 hrs/ week, more during summer</p>

<p>Community Service-
Member of Junior Volunteer Program @ Local Hospital- 200+ Hours, the experience has been a great way to observe possible careers in the hospital setting- would love to have a medical-related career in the future.</p>

<p>***For every 20 hours I have volunteered, I have been able to grant $500 to the hospital's department of my choice. Because I am hearing impaired & was born with several congenital disorders, I am donating the $ to these specific areas.</p>

<p>Have volunteered @ local preschool several times per year, have worked & interacted with autistic children</p>

<p>Hook? - I have suffered with several physical, learning, & hearing disabilities throughout my life & my doctors are amazed that I have been doing this well. I have donated over 2000 dollars to the speech pathology unit in Norwood hospital b/c this unit is close to my heart.</p>

<p>Essay- I will write about the obstacles I have overcome and how they made me a better person.</p>

<p>Any recommendations for colleges that are strong in the medical sciences and math? Are the Ivies / Stanford / UChicago / Duke / JHU / USC / Northwestern way beyond my reach, or do I have a shot?</p>

<p>Should I even bother applying to these schools, or should I focus on schools such as Tufts, NYU, etc.? Should I apply early action (non-binding)? Will that help my chances?</p>

<p>Thanks!!! Post a link and I will chance you back.</p>

<p>Ok, well I see two big problems for you. One of them is obvious. You probably will not get in with anything lower than a 600 on your CR. I mean your other scores are amazing. However, it will REALLY hurt you to have a score in the 500s in the CR section of your SAT. Especially because rumor has it that admissions officers look at the CR section more heavily than M or W. If your ACT sections are all around the same score, just submit that unless your SAT improves.</p>

<p>Problem 2 is I don't see any leadership positions that you have held in your clubs. Now, if you can vividly demonstrate your leadership ability in another way, then this problem is..well....not a huge problem. However, if you can't show your leadership abilities in another way, it will be another devastative hit against you. </p>

<p>Do you have any hooks? If you happen to be a URM or a recruit, then you are still EXTREMELY competitive for some of the lower tier ivies.</p>

<p>In your current form, its possible (assuming you submit your ACT only). I could definately see Cornell or Duke possibly admitting you. You probably still need to make some changes tho so you can maximize your chances.</p>