Chance Me for Junior Transfer

<p>Applying: UCB, Cornell, Stanford, (MIT (sophomore transfer!))
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Economics
Ethnicity: Asian
In-state?: International</p>

<p>Currently at Purdue University
Current GPA: 3.91 (before starting Fall 2011 with 27 credits completed!)
Credit estimate: Taking 19 credits this semester and possibly next as well so estimate to complete 65 credits before transfer.
Estimated GPA at the end of Spring 2012: 3.7-3.8 (conservative estimate)</p>

Dean’s List
Semester Honors
Engineering Honors Program</p>

-Member of Cameroon Hydropower Global Design Team (October '11 - Present)
* Designing a small hydropower unit to be used in Bangang, Cameroon.
-Residence Hall Senator (January ‘11 – Present)
* Functioning as a communicative link between the residents and the resident advisor.
-Registration/Orientation Worker (June ‘11 – July ‘11)
* Advised new students (freshman and transfer students) so that they smoothly transitioned into Purdue campus living.
-International Students and Scholars (ISS) Student Ambassador (January ’11 – Present) </p>

<p>High School:
Captain of Swim Team, Senior member of Debate Team, Active member of Dramatics Club, Mathematics Club, Computer Club, Peer tutor.</p>

<p>I can't remember any other ECs (minor ones) but I think these are the ones that I'll write on my app.</p>

<p>If you need any more info I'll be happy to provide. Sorry for making it extremely wordy but thanks for reading it nonetheless.</p>

<p>Any input would be highly appreciated.</p>


<p>hey major! I would say that you're very competitive for ucb and cornell, stanford and mit are a crapshoot no matter how you look at it</p>