Chance me for Kenyon ED

So, I’ve decided to apply to Kenyon College as an Early Decision candidate, and I was wondering my chances. I’ve been told on here that I have a shot, but I want as many opinions as possible.

About Me:
I’m going test optional.
GPA: 3.467

Robotics Club
Computer Games Club
Board Games Club

CertiPort Microsoft Word certified
Author of Disfigured which is on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Has been accepted by multiple publishers.
Author of Jeckel on Amazon.
Honors in English in my high school class
Management & Administrator Support Concentration Completed

Super hard to say, especially in 2020. GPA might be a little lower than average, but gosh, books on Amazon is really amazing. Good luck!!

Hi! I’m also considering applying ED to Kenyon :slight_smile: I’m also going test optional and have a similar GPA. From what my college counselor and Kenyon admissions counselor have told me, if you have a really good personal essay and resume/portfolio, you can definitely make up for the lower-than-average GPA. Good luck and maybe I’ll see you there, haha!