Chance me for Kenyon ED

Hi, I’m a white female from North Carolina. I go to a small charter school and Kenyon is my dream school. I intend on applying ED1. I will not need financial aid. I’m wondering what my chances of admission are.

I want to major in English and Film.

My ACT is a 32 with a 35 in both the English and Reading sections, a 31 in science and a 25 in math.

My weighted GPA is 4.5 and I intend to take 9 AP classes by the time I graduate from High School. I also have taken 9 honors classes and I have straight A’s in all my classes.

I have leadership in 5 clubs. (I speech captain of the speech and debate team, president of philosophy club, president of book club, vice president of National English Honors Society, co-vice president of Quill and Scroll Honors Society)

I participate in several other clubs including:
National Spanish Honors Society
Mock Trial
Writing Club
Tech Crew (for 3 shows)
English Tutoring

Stats-wise, you’re doing great, and your ECs look strong as well. ED acceptance rate is about 62%, but of course that includes recruited athletes and legacies. That being said I would hazard that it is a target for you or better, especially if you do well on your essay (they put emphasis on the application essay).

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You have a really good chance. Great course rigor, GPA and scores. Not needing financial aid also helps.

Good luck. But given what happened this year with COVID, please make sure to have a backup plan in place. Many solid students ended up at their safeties.

Tagging @CCEditorJoy as a Kenyon Alum…

You seem like a strong candidate for Kenyon @Bellastrick, and the fact that you are passionate about the school should help as well. I was an English major at Kenyon and absolutely loved it.

Most Kenyon students, staff, and alumni have a lot of affection school and a strong sense of connection to each other. Be sure to make it clear in your application that it’s your first choice and explain why you want to be part of the Kenyon community. I graduated years ago now, and anytime I see someone with a Kenyon shirt or bumper sticker I always say something because I know we share a special and unique place. Good luck and keep us posted!

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