Chance me for LACs and Ivys

<p>I plan on applying to Bates, Bowdoin, Swarthmore, Middlesex, Vassar, Ponoma, U. Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, and M.I.T.</p>


<p>Asian male, attends public high school in NYC that requires a competitive entrance exam for admission. School is competitive and there are about 300 seniors this year.</p>

<p>Hooks: Low-income; First-generation </p>


<p>SAT: 2210 (720 CR, 760 math, 730 writing, 10 essay)
Subject tests: Bio-E (760), Chem (740), Math II (800), U.S. History (780)
AP exams: Calc BC (5), Macro (5), Bio (5), Chem (4), World History (4), U.S. History (5), Enviro sci (5), Physics C (4), Psych (5)
GPA: 3.85/4.0 UW; 4.21/4.5 W
School does not rank</p>


<p>Glee Club (10, 11, 12- secretary)
Envirothon Club (9, 10, 11- team leader, 12- president) - Envirothon is an environmental science competition
Pre-Med Club (9- secretary, 10, 11, 12- president from gr 10-12)
Music Unites Youth Choir (10, 11, 12) - out-of-school youth choir</p>

<p>During my time as president of the Pre-Med Club I expanded the club's presence in our school and raised over $1500 to donate to various health organizations. Also vastly expanded the clubs membership and diversity.</p>

<p>As the team leader of Envirothon in grade 11, my team won the city-level competition and advanced onto States, placing in the top 20 there. Team also won City competition in grade 9. This year (grade 12), I will lead fundraising activities and am expecting about $2000 to donate to various non-profit agencies that support enviro sci education. </p>

<p>Spearheaded an effort to start composting bins and other environmentally-friendly activities in teacher lounges and cafeterias. Also petitioned for an AP Environmental Sci class (didn't work out due to lack of funding, but I self-studied AP ES). </p>

<p>Wrote an article for a column on science activities with Scientific American; was published online. </p>

<p>TA'ed for my freshman English teacher for three years; tutored students who were struggling in biology and chemistry for two years.</p>

<p>Work experience / Research</p>

<p>Interned for three summers at a local non-profit agency that promotes environmental awareness and environmental science in young disadvantaged children. This is my sole volunteer/internship activity and I will have about 530 hours when it's all completed.</p>

<p>Conducted research with a professor about a certain type of fungus and its properties; became a semifinalist in NYCSEF (NYC Regional science fair) with it and entered Intel</p>

<p>Assisted a researcher at the American Museum of Natural History with her research (was about environmental science); presented at various symposiums and conferences alongside her. Did not enter Intel or any other competition with it, though my name was published with the researcher's.</p>

<p>Went on various walks for things like diabetes, breast cancer, teen suicide, AIDS, etc. </p>

<p>Summer activities</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins CTY (Center for Talented Youth)- two summers
Internship and scientific research (mentioned above)
Went to the Galapagos Islands during one summer and Hawaii during spreak break to study environmental leadership as well as biodiversity and human impacts on it (received financial aid or did fundraising for these trips)</p>

<p>I plan on asking recommendations from: (they all should be very good/excellent)
--Freshman English teacher (knows me extremely well; TA'ed her class for three years)
--Calc BC teacher
--Executive director at place of internship
--Researcher from the museum who I worked with</p>

<p>Haven't completed my essays yet, so I'm not sure about those yet.</p>

<p>Plan on majoring in Environmental Science or Environmental Studies on a Pre-Med track.</p>


<p>*I know it's a lot of stuff, so I will gladly chance you back in return! :)</p>

<p>Also, if there are any schools I should look into, I would love to know. </p>


<p>I think you have a solid chance at Bates and Vassar, and the others seem like low reaches. You have great ECs! You might want to retake the SAT, but otherwise you have great stats!</p>

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<p>Thanks! I just chanced you. I have been studying and am planning to retake the SAT, hoping for 2300 +</p>

<p>Bump! :)))</p>

<p>Your ec's are great. Your SAT is low for the Ivies but if you can raise it to a 2300, your chances would be significantly better. Your hooks might slightly mitigate any low scores but don't rely on them. They will certainly look more impressive with a 2300+. </p>

<p>Chance a fellow NYC specialized high school student? :) <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thank you! I chanced you back.</p>

<p>I think u have great stats and ec's too. Applying to all those will get u in somewhere but these are competitive schools so good luck.</p>

<p>All those schools are really competitive but it seems like you certainly have a great shot!</p>

<p>Bates, - match
Bowdoin, - match/ low reach
Swarthmore, -low reach
Middlesex, - match
Vassar, - match/ low reach
Ponoma, - match/ low reach
U. Chicago, - low/normal reach
Johns Hopkins, - reach
Harvard, -reach
Princeton, -reach
Columbia, -reach
Cornell, -match/low reach
Stanford, - reach
M.I.T. - reach</p>

<p>Bates - low match
Bowdoin - match/low reach
Swarthmore - low reach
Middlesex - low match
Vassar - match
Pomona - low reach
UChicago - low reach
Johns Hopkins - match
Harvard - reach
Princeton - reach
Columbia - reach
Cornell - low reach
Stanford - reach
MIT - reach</p>

<p>Why is Johns Hopkins a match when Bates is a low match? Also, would you guys suggest I do EA (restricted though) for Harvard, maybe Princeton?</p>

<p>very interesting research-oriented extracurriculars. Your scores are right at the Ivy level.
Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, and M.I.T are reaches for everyone (unfortunately). The other colleges seem reasonable, but those are all very competitive schools. I see you getting into at least one of the Ivies and several other schools listed.</p>

<p>Thanks. Do you guys think the hooks will help me in any way and if so to what extent?</p>

<p>Bates, - Great match
Bowdoin, - Medium to low reach
Swarthmore, -Medium to low
Middlesex, - match
Johns Hopkins, - reach
All of the Ivies should be a reach. </p>

<p>But pretty solid job in your extracurriculars! I'm sure you'll do amazing! :)</p>

<p>Very good chances at LACs (except Swarthmore and Pomona).
Realistic chances at Cornell and JHU</p>

<p>Nobody can chance you other colleges. They are automatic reach schools.</p>

<p>1st gen and low income might help.</p>

<p>I think you have a good chance at most of the LACs, though Swarthmore might be a bit of a reach. The Ivys might be tough to get into, but honestly that goes for pretty much anyone who applies there. But since you're applying to so many, at least one of them is bound to accept you. I'd say you're looking pretty good :) Can you chance me as well?</p>



<p>The fact that you're "low-income" may quality you for QuestBridge. Given your stellar achievements, that's definitely a scholarship program you want to check out. </p>

<p>QuestBridge</a> Home</p>

<p>My thread: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks. I am definitely going to apply for Questbridge, I checked the requirements and I do indeed qualify. I chanced both of you guys back!</p>

I don't know much about the domestic applicants. But what i think is that you need to get your SAT above 2300's. Have you won any olympiads?
Chance me? <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thank you. No, I have not won any olympiads. I chanced you back.</p>