Chance Me for Lehigh ED

Male, NJ
African American, Hispanic, and White

91/100 W
9th Grade: 84
10th Grade: 90
11th Grade: 98

30 Composite
9 Writing
(high for my school)

Advanced Courses:
9 Honors, 8 AP, 2 Dual Enrollment, 1 IB, 1 Community College Course

Extracurricular Activities:

  1. Varsity Hockey 9-12
  2. Travel Hockey 9-11
  3. TSA 10-12 (Secretary)
  4. Peer Leader 11-12
  5. Local Resource Company Volunteer 9-12
  6. Speedcubing 9-12
  7. Guitar and Piano 9-12
  8. Comp Sci Club 11-12
  9. FBLA 10–12

National African American Recognition PSAT
2nd place in region FBLA Networking
Coding Competition Top 10
National English Honor Society
AP Scholar
Varsity Letter
(High) Honor Roll

I think my GPA is my weakness as it is fairly low for my school but I am proud of my upward trend. Lehigh is my top choice and i have visited, done info session, and interview online.

Sounds like you’ve done everything you can to demonstrate interest, with the ultimate being applying ED. I think your strong upward trend will offset your freshman year GPA since it’s improved so much. I think you’ll be a competitive applicant. Good luck!

I think you have a really good chance. Your upward trend will also get noticed. Good luck, keep us posted.